LEGO Masters

LEGO® challenges hit amazing new heights

Australia’s favourite family show is back with a whole lot more twists and challenges for contestants as they strive to be crowned the LEGO® MASTERS for 2022.

LEGO® MASTERS Australia returns for its fourth season on Easter Monday, April 18, at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and *9Now.

In a season that promises more amazement than ever, new challenges will excite and surprise and leave viewers gobsmacked. From The Car of the Future to The Stuntman – which will see teams building a model that can fly through a hoop of fire – this year’s competition is rising to spectacular new heights.

One of the biggest challenges of all, The Bridge, is returning with a twist: the bridge they create will need to withstand a crazy shake test, and for the first-time teams will be heading out of the studio for some incredible outdoor challenges.

This year there’s a brand-new brick power that will have a major impact: the Titanium Brick of Triumph . Each episode, the winning team will claim the Titanium Brick which will grant them immunity from the next elimination build. But there’s a catch: unlike previous series contestants will never know when an elimination is – so winning the Titanium Brick of Triumph will be vital to keep competition hopes alive.

Armed with imagination, creativity and a Brick Pit holding 3.8 million bricks – 600,000 more than last series, contestants will put their mind-bending construction ideas to the test for the chance to be crowned LEGO® MASTERS champions for 2022.

Eight teams of two will compete as they show off their unique skillsets to surprise and impress host Hamish Blake, and discerning judge Ryan “Brickman” McNaught, to avoid elimination and qualify for the 2022 LEGO® MASTER S Grand Final.

The teams are made up of a diverse cast of contestants, including the first ever father and son duo, workmates, competitive brothers, best mates, and a married gay couple, all competing for their chance to win the $100,000 prizemoney.

LEGO® MASTERS comes from producers Endemol Shine Australia. The series is adapted from an original UK format from Tuesday’s Child Productions and The LEGO ® Group.

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Synopses for week 1 of season 4

Monday, April 18 (season premiere)
Teams are challenged to create something found at the bottom of the ocean. Their creations will be put into a large pool that will fill with water, then drain again.

Tuesday, April 19
Teams have to build a stunt vehicle that has to go up a ramp and soar through a ring of fire, clear nine LEGO school buses, and explode on the ground which will be captured in slow motion.

Wednesday, April 20
Teams must create a song title out of LEGO, and make their builds clear enough that a musical mystery guest can guess what song they have built without them saying a word.
(Delta Goodrem will make a guest appearance on this episode)

Brothers Joss and Henry won the underwater build challenge in last night’s season premiere, and became the team to hold the Titanium Brick of Triumph. It means between episode 2 and the grand final, every challenge could now be an elimination, and another team could win the build and take possession of the brick.

The cutaway Nuyina ship displayed in Monday’s episode (Anzac Day) was built by Brickman and his team in 2018. At 2.8m long, it took a three-man team 238 hours to build and used 113,098 Lego bricks. It had toured around Australia as part of Brickman Awesome exhibition. Brickman’s team later built a longer 3.2m version of Nuyina using 117,612 bricks and taking 328 hours. The 3.2m model is now on display at Australian Maritime Museum at Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

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Season 4 grand final is on Monday, May 16.

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Joss and Henry won LEGO Masters last night in what seemed to be a clear victory though we are never told the voting results. They also were the Viewers’ Choice build. I always find the weakest part of the show is the reliance on one person (Brickman) to be the sole judge. Even in the final when the public who attend get 200 votes to award, Brickman’s 100 votes pretty much assures that who he selects wins.

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Thing that annoyed me - Joss and Henry built dragons and that’s basically it. One trick ponies.

As far as I’m concerned, Alex and Caleb were the real winners as their skills progressed over the course of the show and they showed remarkable growth.


Henry and Joss win LEGO® Masters 2022 biggest prize ever

Newcastle-based brothers Henry and Joss were tonight crowned the worthy winners of season four of LEGO® Masters on Channel 9.

The impressively creative duo took out the title, winning $100,050. Hamish Blake threw in the extra $50 to ensure we could say it’s the biggest prize ever – to go with the coveted title of LEGO® Masters champions for 2022.

In tonight’s grand finale episode the last three teams were tasked with a dream challenge: 28 hours to build whatever they wanted. And wow, did they deliver, with the most impressive builds of the season.

After nearly cracking under the pressure in Sunday’s elimination, Henry and Joss bounced back to create their biggest, most technical creature yet. Wanting to resemble an action movie, their final build featured a giant monster, the animated Japanese Kaiju figure, versus a Mecha crab.

That was enough to impress judge Ryan “Brickman” McNaught and members of the public who voted for their favourite build.

Underdogs Alex and Caleb, who stole the hearts of the nation with their late charge in the competition, created a magical world dominated by a huge tree, where mini figures took items from the family home and converted them into parts of their town.

The third pairing, Nick and Gene, who had the most dominant streak in LEGO® Masters history, winning six builds in a row, harnessed their unique style for their final build. It was the reimagining of a classic children’s tale of a troll under a bridge, preventing shepherds from moving their flock to greener pastures.

The triumphant winners Joss and Henry came full circle after winning the first challenge of this season. They added bragging rights to their final build with Brickman declaring it was the best “monster” he has ever seen.

Henry said: “Winning LEGO Masters has given me two overwhelming emotions, gratitude and pride. I’m unbelievably grateful for the experience. I want to thank every member of the crew who helped us along the way, and of course Brickman and Hamish.

“It was the most fun I’ve had in my life, and we were able to meet all the amazing contestants we now call our family. I’m incredibly proud of my brother. Joss is an amazing artist and inspiringly talented and passionate about LEGO. I can’t think of anyone I know more deserving of the title of LEGO Masters.”

Joss said: “Our final build truly was a passion project. It’s everything Henry and I love about LEGO condensed into one build, and I couldn’t be happier with the final product. Making the finale was an amazing prize in itself. But being able to say that I took on LEGO Masters with my brother and won is something that I still don’t quite believe.

“Henry and I will continue to create things we’re passionate about, and we can’t wait to share them with the world.”

Brickman said: “Series four was unquestionably the hardest series of LEGO Masters ever, with the challenges, the timeframes, even taking LEGO outdoors. To rise up through all of that made winning this year mean more than any other year. So, boy, did Henry and Joss ever earn it!”


NBN News had an interview with Henry and Joss on Tuesday night’s bulletin.

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Several models from Lego Masters will be on display at Bricktionary, Brickman’s latest Lego exhibition, which opens at Melbourne Museum this Saturday (September 3) until January 29 next year.


Christmas edition plus Grand Masters series.


The recent season premieres on THREE in New Zealand next Monday (October 10) at 7.30pm, continues on Tuesdays.

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LEGO Masters Brickmas Special promo launched tonight.


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LEGO® Masters Australia returns for a magical two-part LEGO Bricksmas Special as we celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

Over two Sunday nights this month (November 20 and 27) four celebrity guests will team up with four LEGO Masters® favourites to form super teams, battling it out over a brace of Christmas-themed episodes to win the ultimate prize: being crowned the LEGO® Masters Bricksmas Specials champions.

Stepping into the LEGO® Masters world for the first time are LEGO® super fans: interior designer and judge on The Block, Darren Palmer, children’s entertainer Emma Watkins, actor Lincoln Lewis, and chef and Snackmasters host Poh Ling Yeow. They will be joined by returning contestants Fleur (Season 3), Gerhard “G” (Season 1), Alex (Season 2) and Sarah (Season 3)

LEGO® Masters Australia host Hamish Blake and judge Ryan “Brickman” McNaught will guide the teams to create two extraordinary Christmas-themed builds. Hamish, Australia’s most popular TV host, will provide the Christmas cheer and laughs, while Brickman helps the celebrity teams’ builds as well as doing the judging.

For the second time in LEGO® Masters Australia history, Brickman will be putting his world-renowned skills on show as he spends an hour with each team to assist with their Yuletide builds.

With Christmas just around the corner, these two special LEGO® Masters episodes are certain to get the whole family into the festive spirit.

LEGO® Masters comes from producers Endemol Shine Australia, a Banjay Company. The series is adapted from an original UK format from Tuesday’s Child Productions and The LEGO® Group.


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Poh and Sarah won this year’s Bricksmas special with their creation of two hippos dancing in hulla hoops.

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