Lawyer X: The story of Informer 3838


Foxtel and News Corp Australia today announced they have commissioned an event drama mini-series on the notorious story of Lawyer X, the Melbourne-based lawyer who acted as a Victorian Police informant from 1995 until 2009 during the Victorian gangland war.

Lawyer X: The story of Informer 3838 is currently in development and will begin production later this year.

The eight part special event series will be based on the reporting and stories of News Corp’s Herald Sun Newspaper, which uncovered the scandal and exposed the Melbourne woman behind some of the state’s biggest criminal cases in modern history.

The Melbourne-based lawyer, known as Lawyer X or Informer 3838, represented some of the gangland wars most infamous figures including Carl Williams and Tony Mokbel and provided intel and information that helped convict hundreds of criminals and drug traffickers.

Foxtel is currently in discussion with both local and international producers and creatives on the project.

Foxtel’s Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh said: “This explosive chapter in Australian crime history has all the ingredients to make for a compelling TV series. We are proud to partner with the Herald Sun who exposed the story to bring it to life for television and to deliver a unique and captivating new Australian story for our subscribers.

“A story as significant and substantial as this also has a huge amount of worldwide appeal and I am very confident we will be attracting some very big international names both in front and behind the camera.”

The journalists who exposed the story, Anthony Dowsley and Patrick Carlyon, will act as story consultants to the series.


I’ll be surprised if anyone cares about this

Yeah… absolutely nobody was interested in that insignificant Underbelly mini series Nine produced about a decade ago that involved the same crime figures.

This is about Gobbo. That was not.

Silly me. According to Sydney newspapers and news programs the two are intrinsically connected. Is the Melbourne media telling you different?


You’re not silly, just old.

The producers will find it bloody hard to tell the story of Lawyer X without mention of Carl Williams, Benji Veniamin and Tony Mokbel.

I’m just poking fun with you now :slight_smile: All good. Yes I get the connection, fair enough.

This topic relates to the drama mini series being produced by Foxtel. Information regarding the doco can be posted in the Sky News topic.


Well from what I can see in the papers over the last year it has dominated headlines so people will probably have had it drummed into their heads

Looks like Foxtel has found a production company for the mini-series, which today received story development funding from Screen Australia.

Lawyer X
Fremantle Australia Pty Ltd
Genre: Drama
Writer: Sarah Walker
Producer: Carly Heaton
Executive Producer: Chris Oliver-Taylor
Synopsis: A Shakespearean epic of power and betrayal, Lawyer X is about a woman who wanted everyone to remember her name…and they will.