Kitchen Cabinet

Revived for 2023

Kitchen Cabinet is back! In 2023, Annabel Crabb will be cooking and eating with some of the new Parliament’s most fascinating and powerful figures, hailing from across the political spectrum. The premise of the show is simple. Annabel visits the home of a prominent politician; they cook their favourite meal and Annabel brings dessert. Along the way, they have the kinds of conversations that are never ordinarily possible in the frenetic pace of the daily news cycle. What makes these humans choose politics? What would they give anything to defend? How are they dicing onions? It’s amazing what you can cover in a half hour of Kitchen Cabinet, which in its first six series elicited tears, laughter and confidences out of politicians from the Lodge to the backbench. With a whole new crop of politicians in the parliament since the last series in 2016, it’s time to head back to the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet is an ABC Production. Writer/Presenter: Annabel Crabb, Executive Producer: Madeleine Hawcroft, Director: Stamatia Maroupas.

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