King Charles Cancer Announcement

I just keep thinking about Nostradamus’ prediction…

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Probably flying Paul Murry and Credlin over now.

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Sunrise went to other news at 5.50, not 6.50.
Definitely other news, sport and weather after 5.50.

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Harry visits his father. Cue video of 10 other times they were together - loop, repeat.

Sorry, Yes it was 5:50 as seen in the caps.


“Special coverage” = filler.

Just ridiculous when the leading story in the news on Ten is “Prince Harry meets up with his dad, the King, in London”. :roll_eyes: Not King Charles’s son Prince Harry returns to London to visit him.

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I’ve gone and downloaded as many British radio programmes as I could from when the initial announcement was made. BBC Local Radio is still being uploaded and will be available in due course. I have not checked all of these, so there’s a chance that a few will contain no relevant content, but I thought it was best to gather what I could and work through them later.!AroEdfrXY_3bga9iQOMCzh90WcPBSg

(Announcement was made at 18:00 UK time)

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TV doctors speculate over King Charles’ cancer diagnosis. #MediaBites #MediaWatch

— Media Watch (@ABCmediawatch) February 8, 2024