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K&J in the headlines yet again today, this time Kyle calling out a celebrity. Because he is such a saint isn’t he!

Anything to get a headline.


What celebrity?

I 100% believe KJ will say things because theyre wanting headines. But I also think that lazy writers from certain news publications are writing stories because they know theyll get clicks due to KJs popularity.

Its a mutually beneficial relationship between the two of them.

Because how many people are going to read an article about the last time Pete and Kymba in Perth called out somebody, or Tanya and Steve in Newcastle? Most likely they won’t, because less clicks means less ad revenue


As I understand it, KIIS’s PR also nurture their relationships with certain news outlets and send them content virtually daily to make it easier. It’s not like the Daily Mail “journalists” are eagerly listening in every morning hoping to hear something and create their own story out of it.


Yes it’s so obvious, those Daily Mail articles


SCA and ARN along with some other media stocks on the ASX trading lower this week.
Both have lost around 20% of their share valuations in the past month.

SCA trading around the 63 cents and for the first time this week dipped to an historical low market capitalisation below $150 Million.

ARN Trading around 68 cents with an approximate market capitalisation around $210 million.

Nine Entertainment (NEC) trading this week around $1.40, approximate Market Cap $2,234

The market cap for the 2023 year were as follows:
SCA $208
ARN $313
NEC $3,198

The fall in both ARN and SCA in the past month possibly caused by failed joint venture.

Media stocks in general this year on the ASX appear to be having a tough time.

As a general comment, I wonder what the numbers would look like today had the proposed joint venture of ARN and SCA been accepted?

This information is general only and is shown in broad terms.

If interested in up to date information, see the ASX website.


Amazing compilation of information @Journo

Thank you.


Cool, the MFW grifter has found a new target


Who are MFW?

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Its not been good for some time now - Tim Burrowes from Unmade has tracked a group of media stocks since January 22 as the “Unmade Index”, it started at 1000 and never went above that mark. The index went below 500 in May.

A group (although I suspect there is only one or two people actively behind it) who have taken to citizen activism towards advertisers to rail against misogyny in the media (and more broadly the Murdoch empire). They launched after Alan Jones said something misogynistic about Jacinda Ardern.


Oh dear here comes the estrogen crusaders! Watch out Kyle /sarcasm

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Took a quick gander at their social media. I think the name Everything-That-Goes-Against-My-Personal-Beliefs-And-Opinions-Needs-To-Be-Cancelled is better suited, although probably a little too long, so MFW works better.

There’s no changing minds with people like that, they’re constantly convinced that they’re the victim and the world is against them, and everything that’s wrong in their life is someone else’s fault and never their own. And of course that all men are evil in some way.


Are you MAWAM? Men Against Women Against Men. :joy:


How’s their app going?


Very good question


Wait the mad witches have an app. Is that like a Karen app that you can cancel anyone?


Reminds me of the story of how Married With Children found success in the 80’s. Complaints about it being misogynistic bolstered its ratings and got it through several seasons.

Kyle thrives of this kind of attention, because more often than not, it works in his favour.

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Married With Children was chauvinistic, not misogynistic. The m word is very much used out of context these days. Misogyny means a hatred of women.


My recollections on this are a little vague, so happy for corrections to this but - MFW crowdsourced to create an app that was a repository of information about companies that advertised in the Murdoch media.

The claim was a considerable amount of money was needed, and the app was complicated (lots of excuses). Crowdfunding was successful and subsequently nothing materialised which started the claims of grifting. Something did materialise as effectively a series of webpages but only lasted a few days


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It’s hardly been on long enough in Melbourne to have any “Best of” K&J