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Earlier in the show, Jackie had revealed she had visited her gynaecologist for a procedure on Monday.

John Laws, who was set to appear on the radio show, wasn’t impressed with Jackie discussing her surgery on-air and hung up just moments before his interview.

‘Yesterday I had an operation and was under general anaesthetic so I couldn’t sleep during the night,’ Jackie explained.

‘I had a uterine polyp removed. The doctor said it would make my periods more regular.’

Jackie then went on to say: ‘I thought “what do I look like on the operating table, nude and wearing a shower cap”.’

‘Don’t tell me gynaecologists aren’t going “she’s hot and I get to see her vagina in five minutes”.’

During the discussion, a producer interrupted her and revealed John had hung up because he was offended by Jackie’s story.

Good on John Laws. I’d hang up too if I had crap like that proceeding my interview.


Of course she was :roll_eyes:

Honestly who buys this rubbish? Don’t people realise they’re being played.


It’s a bit concerning that there hasn’t been an update on Jackie. I hope she’s okay.

Made me wonder if the heart problems are due to her recent weight loss. Warnie had a heart attack after his drastic weight loss.

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Update posted on insta. She’s ok, had an infection, is now at home and will be back tomorrow.


Thank goodness.

All the antivaxxers were out in force on social media :roll_eyes:

So you haven’t seen the pattern with the KIIS network stations breakfast hosts and all their dramas/breakdowns/emergencies all conveniently played out in the media? Particularly in the Daily Mail and Nine papers?

It’s almost like they plan it…and pay for the coverage :thinking:


Sorry, not on board with this theory.

You don’t just go to hospital for nothing.


I’m not saying it was for nothing, but they certainly know how to capitalise on every little thing and have it reported as a major drama… Look for the patterns. Same thing with the Brisbane breakfast show’s latest fight/drama/emergency.

It’s great she could bounce back so quickly and be back at work the very next day.


What happened to Brisbanes team?

There’s a long list. Usually a drama or breakdown involving Robyn Bailey.

Today it was an “emotional fight” between the co hosts which just happened to be reported in the Courier Mail.

Or the freak car accident in her own driveway reported in the Daily Mail.

Breakfast radio star Robin Bailey opens up about accident in her garage that inflicted heavy damage… Breakfast radio star Robin Bailey reveals severe damage to her car after 'freak accident' in garage | Daily Mail Online via

Or breaking down over a catfishing incident.

The list goes on and on, and they always seem to find their way into the news.


What’s the issue here? The most successful shows are the ones that allow their presenters to reveal the inner most details of their lives to present to listeners that they are like them and real people. It clearly resonates as both Sydney and Brisbane shows rate very highly.

Bosses would happy these stories make the news as it promotes their shows.


I think the bosses are just happy there are so many gullible people who think these dramas just magically happen on cue.

It’s also no mystery how they just happen to make the news either.


It’s clear the stories are factual and true.

The only difference (in some cases), is having a strong PR dept/agency to amplify these stories to the press.

Example: Now more people will tune to KIIS1065 tomorrow to hear the full story from Jackie.

The tripe that KIIS dishes up for breakfast is enough to send anyone to the ER. Well done John Laws. Could you imagine this gentleman of the airwaves discussing his hemorrhoid procedure. I think not.


He wasn’t being asked to discuss it. It was a segment before he was supposed to come on. Her heard it while on hold and then decided to not go through with the interview. He ended up calling back later on and did the interview anyway.


According to that article the shares don’t vest until the end of their respective contracts.