Kayo Sports


I am generally pretty anti Murdoch and Co.

In saying that, I can see value in this and have signed up to the AUD25 a month pack. My brother follows the NBA and NFL. I follow Rugby League and some Cricket.

Quality of the platform from my use so far is great. Easy to navigate. Taken a lot of cues from Netflix with its sub categories.

So for me that makes monthly:

IPtorrents monthly seeding USD20
Netflix AUD15
10 All Access (when it launches) AUD10
Spotify AUD17.99
MS Office AUD12.99
SMH AUD14.99

I can see the AUD25 price point being a little steep in comparison to other services for some, as it does add up if you have multiple different subscriptions.



I’d pay $25 a month if it had 3-4 screens AND access to the Fox Sports, beIN and ESPN linear live channels.

I get NRL and AFL and A-League via Telstra’s deals.
I get NBL via NBL.TV at a respectable $5 a month.
Everything else I can get in highlight form via YouTube as I don’t have the time to watch.

Kayo is a dud deal for me.



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That’s it? No ESPN or beIN Sports?



Has both of those too.

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Good - thanks for that.

Still want one more device for my money - I’d want PC, tablet and phone, possibly swapping with a Chromecast. I’d assume Foxtel will say that’s four.



Actually, I’ve just had a thought. Don’t laugh.

Why are they launching a separate brand? Why not just do a sports-only subscription through Foxtel Now? The software is there, the user account function is there, just add a few tweaks and it’s done. It also gives users access to the news channels too. Plus, you have the apps and screen cast functions already to go from day dot.



I actually think $25/month isnt bad value



Fox Footy too?



I emailed them today and they said to me they haven’t got an app ready yet but they are working on it. I think $25 is good value for the sports and content you get. I am definitely going to keep it.

I was about to get Foxtel the other week and then thought no I can’t justify the $60 a month. But $25 is really good. Plus if I find someone else who wants it I can reduce the cost to $12.50. Anyone here want to go 50/50?



Are you referring to being available to use four devices to stream content simultaneously or being able to register four devices? If it’s the latter, the service currently doesn’t require registering devices - the two/three limit is referring to concurrent streams



Until very recently the principal was that Foxtel doesn’t offer sport on its own. And for satellite subscribers that still isn’t an option, and probably won’t be because subscriptions will start shedding. This is a backdoor mostly to appease Cricket Australia’s contract.

The Foxtel brand also is still toxic, be it the ordinary service, consistent price raises or Australians generally not liking to pay for things with ads. They’ve tried to pivot away from the classic Fox TV logo but it hasn’t quite worked, and marketing like the $4 a day campaign have also been quite a mixed bag.

Fox Sports has a better reputation because its had some very savvy marketing over the past few years and has produced a higher quality product at a time when FTA broadcasters are strapped for resources. It’s brand is built on high quality, even when the platform it is on has been considered quite poor.

The Kayo brand seems aimed at Millennial fans who are more likely to pirate sport than pay for expensive, restrictive cable. It’s come right out of the hulu/netflix playbook.

To be honest the Fox Sports brand is probably strong enough to stand on its own as a streaming service. A different name like WatchFox or FoxVideoPass would make more sense IMO.

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So it’s the language that is confusing. I’ve looked around the site, there is nothing suggesting this. They need to specify how many devices that can be used overall AND how many concurrent streams can be used at any one time. If I write an assignment for kids with that sort of vague instruction, and a parent complains, I have a head teacher, deputy or potentially the principal on my arse.

I have a TV with a Chromecast, two tablets, multiple PCs and laptops (not using them all at the same time) and a phone. I’d like to be able to know that I can log in and not worry about which devices can and can’t use it.

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All probably good points, but from a infrastructure side, it would’ve made more sense to swallow their pride, drop the price and go from there. All you’d be doing is requiring the user to create a Foxtel account.



Couldn’t find info about overall devices but here’s details about about the number of concurrent streams:




Clearly using a weird name for this service to disassociate themselves from the toxic fox brand. Hopefully people see it for what it is and it fails.



Yes, it’s a wolf in sheeps’ clothing (Foxtel), but still miles better than what was offered previously. Hopefully this is a stepping stone to a full a’la carte model like Sling TV in the US.

I will sign up for the 14 day trial and see how it performs. Foxtel Now, which I cancelled because I didn’t watch anything other than sport, always performed pretty well for me though.



I’ve been watching the ODI cricket match on Kayo this afternoon and so far, so good. The streams are very stable. I am only watching in low quality though since I have mobile broadband. The layout is intuitive and much like Netflix. The full match replays are probably the best feature; this will come in handy to mitigate the curse of the east Australian time zone.



Nearly ticks all the boxes except for 4k (which is rumoured to be available under the $35 plan in the future). Streaming in 1080p50fps with an Apple TV app coming soon.

I’ll be signing up.



I’m currently happy with Foxtel Now and hoping they bring 1080p50 to Foxtel Now (all channels too, not just sport). If they don’t I might have to jump to Kayo.

The multi-view feature on Kayo does look tempting though as well. Can see myself setting that up on a second screen in the man cave on a big sport weekend!