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I think we can all come to the conclusion that for many of us, Media Spy is like a home, a second family and a thriving community.

What are some of the things that make you at home on this site? The banter? And what moments just make you think: “You know you’re know on Media Spy when”? A place for positive and wholesome comments about the community. :slight_smile:


Ayr, Near…Oh wait.


SydneyCityTV likes a new post in a matter of milliseconds.


Sorry but SydneyCityTV’s like to this post was delayed due to unexpected technical difficulties somehow related to the technical shenanigans at 1 Denison St, North Sydney.


…the site crashes (or at least is very slow) every time there’s a major On-Air Presentation relaunch!


I guess you know you are on Media Spy when you see people fight, kiss and make up throughout the day! I always love a momentary happy-ending until the next disagreement🤭

Until I’ve built a thicker skin, I don’t think I will feel at home here as per an old post of mine in the 6 News thread. But I’m still very grateful to this forum for providing me with a platform to express myself even though people may not always get my perspective.:blush:


When I was very young, I always had a fascination with signage, brand identity, and retail. Whether it being the local shopping centre we visited frequently rebranding (for example Morley Galleria in WA rebranding from Westfield to Centro in 2003), stores within the centre being refurbished (The ABC Shop changing from the blue box logo to the 3D chrome logo in 2005), or Action locations being converted into IGA/Supa IGA, it was exciting to see the changes occurring and examining the differences between the previous signage and changes in operation. Sometimes if I had the chance, I would look through the peep hole cutout on the temporary wall in front of the blocked off store to see how the changes were coming along, hah.

Before discovering the old MediaSpy in 2014(?), I had yearned for a haven to discuss topics such as this, as well as Television/News & Current Affairs as I grew interest in it more over time. I somehow came across an archived discussion about Retail which spanned back to 2005, which featured conversations of the littlest things, like the older Coles orb logo being featured on the dockets.

When I found this discussion, I felt like I had found a new home. Finally, a community for people who discuss in the most minor of branding details, as well as refreshes/relaunches relating to Television/News & Current Affairs! At first, I would only occasionally browse the site as sometimes there were intrusive pop-ups, but after passing those, I had a lot of enjoyment reading the discussion being had, mainly about Seven News at the time as well as other topics.

The Gallery showcasing Graphics packages past and present was also enjoyable to browse too! When the time came for MediaSpy to transition to the current website iteration in December 2015, I created my account and eventually began to contribute to the discussion in January 2016, and have done so ever since. This community has brought me so much enjoyment over the years, with visiting and contributing being a highlight of my day. :slight_smile:

I always especially feel home on MediaSpy when the majority of us get excited about potential or officially confirmed refreshes/relaunches expecting to debut soon, leading to endless discussion and analysis both before and after it occurs! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::rotating_light:


When you don’t visit for like 2 hours and all of a sudden there’s 75 unread posts on one of the Newscaf threads, you know there’s either been a relaunch or Ten has fired all their news staff again.


When you read “but it did well in the demos”.


Not me personally, but I love seeing how both new users and ones who haven’t posted in a while alike can just jump back into a conversation and be treated like they’ve always been there. A real homely attitude, if you will.

You make a mock network and Paddy Te Pou jumps in to help. Especially if it’s NZ-based.


A lot of people (myself included) have very specialised interests, some people might call that a condition.


The only website to call RELAUNCH ALERT when a news desk is shifted five metres to the right, or a program’s logo receives a minor tweak.


I reckon they are liked before you even make the post.

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Hundreds of unread posts in the presenters threads…


When a horrible watermark change happens and everyone mocks it.

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Nothing like a breathless post about someone filling in on a largely unwatched Saturday night bulletin. Yawn.


When you see dozens of unread posts in a topic and think something big has happened only to find out a) Nothing has happened and/or b) It was due to a conversation which has gone around and around in circles


So good to see everyone’s positive comments about the place. And I think I share a similar story to @Biscuit45!

For me, my interest in branding started when I was 6 years old. I think I was playing with a toy and the TV was on in the background so I looked back at it, and I was fascinated to see the dots on the Nine logo gone, and the 9 in a box - and in my mind, I was thinking what happened to them? Why did it happen?

When I started to want to discuss TV and Media related things, the first forum I joined was TV Forum (and we don’t talk about the early posts I made on that site), because I was really in to British presentation at the time.

What ultimately led me to Media Spy was that awesome Network 10 Mock back in early 2015. It was reposted on TV Forum and when I saw it, it led me here. Now initially, I made an account, but never realy posted until the big Nine relaunch of 2015 when MS peaked my interest and I finally started to post on the older forum. When this forum launched, I joined, and now here we are. The relaunches that happened from then to now. The memes, the mocks, and the memories I wouldn’t trade for the world and make me feel at home here. I know I may be that weird guy who makes no sense sometimes, but I hope I have been also been able to participate in the community in a positive way. I love you guys so much. Thank you all.<3

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