Jesse Baird & Luke Davies Murder Investigation

Just Breaking: This is absolutely horrible and crazy.


This boyfriend appears to be in Canada as of 4 days ago?

hes gone missing 2

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Really weird. The article says his family reported him missing yesterday meaning he must have been back in Australia on Sunday/Monday for them to have seen him. OR reported him missing cause they lost contact with him while in Canada.

He must have been back. It just doesn’t make sense they’re both missing when one is on the other side of the world.

Whatever it is it’s an interesting story.


“Davies was last seen in Paddington on Monday”

That is impossible. His instagram has him in Canada 4 days ago. That’s just not possible.

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Correct, he posted the pictures retrospectively. As did Jesse on Facebook, posting pictures a few days ago of them at the Pink concert in Sydney a few weeks ago.

You’re looking into it to much, the pictures were not posted while he was there.

I know Luke personally, and I recall him posting a number of stories a few weeks back of being in Canada.

Being a flight attendant, he is regularly popping up in places and then posting pictures about it later.


Oh right. You usually post to Instagram immediately after taking the photos. He must be the exception.

Regardless, I hope they’re both okay wherever they are.

Really, a man is missing presumably met the hands of foul play and you’re more interested in how he posts on his Instagram?

I know a lot of people who post stories as live while travelling, and then racap with a retrospective post with select pictures after the fact. Not a wild theory, and have done it myself.

You can be very insensitive sometimes.



I was just commenting on how the timeline didn’t make sense. You cleared it up for me.

What’s insensitive about that?

You also clearly missed my “hope they’re both okay” comment.

The natural thing is to speculate but Im waiting for all details first as DM are doing what they do best running a breaking story with sensationalised headlines for clicks regardless of facts.

You also felt it necessary to write

Interesting choice of words, given the circumstances. And then further analysing the impossibility of his location based on a social media post.

Really unnecessary comment, and again further analysing his use of social media in light of the news.

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You are really reading too much into it mate. Far far too much.

10’s afternoon news first story.

“Both persons were last seen on Monday 19th”. “Grave concerns for one or both”.


Wow this is very concerning. There has been quite a fair bit of social media posts from both of them in regards to stories out and about.

Hope they are both found safe and well.


Top story on 9news Sydney tonight

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Bad super there, makes it sound like Jesse is being sought while they are investigating his boyfriend’s disappearance…


Looking less and less likely…

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Latest update is that friends of Jesse have said they spoke to him Tuesday and he sounded well.
He had expressed concerns about a man who was stalking him and police are searching for that man

Sydney report here :

Have to note the the line by Ryan at the end “Davies and his friend” in the package is a bit poor.


All bulletins featured this as the first story and had the same headline

Nine reported that the 3rd person being sought is a police officer.



Why is it that your images aren’t clickable to view the full thing? Seems a bit counter productive :confused: