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In fairness, most of the mods are still recovering from the battle royale


Most of them didn’t make it through tbh.


Awaiting the in memoriam presentation at this year’s Media Spy Awards


That could be difficult because a lot of members just appear to be dead… or at least their senses of humour have passed on.


Has there been an upgrade of the forum recently? For the past 4-5 days I haven’t been able to access threads off my iPhone and iPad. They either display blank when I open them, or display blank when I try to use the tool to jump to the most recent post. (See the attachments) This happens whether I’m logged in or logged out.

Since this applies to this thread as well, could an admin please contact me to advise me of the situation? Thanks


hmm, thats strange - has anyone else experienced it?


No problems for me (via iphone)


The mobile site has been a little glitchy the past few weeks on Android/Chrome, but not to the point of preventing access to threads.


Mentioned last week something similar was happening when I view the site on Safari. Tried clearing cache and history because I thought it was a problem with that browser but it’s still happening, logged in or not. I’m having to use a different browser to view the site on MacBook and I don’t get the problem. Not experiencing the same issue on iPad or iPhone like the user above.


Is media spy chrome mobile friendly?


I use Chrome without any issues


I have issues with the bouncing between different posts without me moving the screen.
Are you on IOS or Android?


I’ve had the same issue for a few months now.


Is there a devil/evil emoji available somewhere on MS? I’d like to use it when describing my controversial views on the existence of the Greater Western Sydney Giants. :rofl:


How about? :japanese_ogre: or? :smiling_imp:




It looks like a sunburnt lion posing for a selfie.


It’s technically an ogre and the other one is an imp but that’s the closest thing they have to a devil emoji. I guess it probably due to some silly reason like they want to discouraging devil worship. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Although psi is closer to a devil logo than lambda. :wink:



OK then…I raise you this!