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Then why am I still employed as a teacher? :rofl:

If I was well versed in embezzlement, I’d be living it up in some tropical paradise with all the attractive ladies I could get my hands on. :stuck_out_tongue:


How about, member most hyped for relaunches? :smirk:


The political labels need to be updated to reflect the more adversarial nature of debate these days;

Biggest right wing nut job
Looniest left wing loser

Anyone care to make any preemptive nominations?


Definitely, he was such a big contributor for so many years, I’ve thought about him a few times over the years, he was a big loss to the site.


What’s the difference?


The @MTLCK Award For Messy Relaunches is awarded to 10 Boss Bold


I’m not sold on these “like” buttons. It just looks a little messy in my eyes.


Yes, I still prefer to use the pre-existing “like” button, as I like getting the notification that someone has liked my post! (which I don’t think happens with the emoji ones).


Not sure what’s happening here? When I try to quote someone’s post, it disappears from my post and it shows my post is automatically edited.


I had that happen too and it said edited by system


I am shocked and disturbed by the ads that are appearing on MS.

This is an ad that appeared while I was browsing the NZ radio thread;

Or maybe it’s me… :sunglasses:


How is that shocking or disturbing?

For some, it might be a wheely good idea :grin:


Yeah, just you, you sicko. :joy::joy::joy:


There’s no doubt it’s a good idea :peach:
I just thought MS was family friendly…


Insert the usual remark about ads being served based on your browsing history


it’s an ad about car rims with a van on it. unless you have a dirty mind, It’s pretty tame as opposed to some of the ads seen on here in the past.


Do families actually gather round to read this site?

If so, they are pretty deprived ones, or are easily entertained :grin:


Really? I’m shocked all over again and here I was thinking it was an ad for something erotic.

Just so we’re clear as you don’t seem to get sarcasm… I was always aware of what the ad was really about… I was trying to be humorous and clearly failed at least with some people :stuck_out_tongue:

(If it was you who was being sarcastic in turn, and it’s me who’s missed the point, then I withdraw :sunglasses:)


Oh I don’t know… in this digital age the family can gather around the iPad swapping stories of graphic design, pixel ratios and banter endlessly about 10’s exciting new news look.

It’s a wholesome time, a time for togetherness and eggplants :eggplant:


hmmmmmmmmmmm maybe just maybe I was