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The mod team is currently discussing the future of the mocks category after concerns like yours have been raised, we should have an update soon.


It looks like there may be some differences occurring with the “Top Categories” section under some users profiles (perhaps). Eg - i’ve made many posts in the print section (over 100), but it’s not in my top 6 posted categories. And made many more in the tv ratings section than what is suggested.

The amount of posts i’ve made in my top 4 posted categories seem about right, but 5th and 6th seem out of whack. Nothing important though. Just thought id share that in case its happening to others too…

As long as the tongue-in-cheek mocks thread is kept in one way or another, I’m a happy chappy. :+1: :smiley:

Keep Random & Tongue-in-Cheek mock threads - maybe create a ‘beginners mock’ thread?


Is there a thread within for discussion on radio receiver hardware? Say I had a Yamaha CR 3020 and a photo, where would I post it?


Perhaps here

Having issues uploading images to threads. Anyone else having the same issue?

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Same for me.

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It’s working for me.

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It’s working for me now. Strange.

Had that issue earlier. I cleared my browsing history at that time and couldn’t log back in either, so I was stuck out for a period of time… :confused:

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Sometimes when I search on the search bar it says: This site has been overloaded

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I have a new icon for the site’s tab, looks like a blue ‘m’

very nice, i like.

I think I speak for @SA_TV when I demand to know where the Easter decorations are???


What? Why? Who has Easer decorations?

I don’t see it here


@NewsWeary has been wearing a bunny suit all day.

Probably a wasted effort tbh.


I got a MediaSpy Doyen badge this morning.
It says “You are the Media Spy equivalent of the 1% - for the previous month at least”.
What does the 1% bit mean - eg. that I’ve made 1% of all posts in the last month?

It means you’re on par with Bruce McAvaney and Jo Griggs.


Is v-----n ranked higher or lower than doyen?