Israel-Hamas War - Coverage Discussion

Because Australian news bulletins are so :poop: .

No, most viewers in Australia don’t care about either politics or foreign events. That’s what the nightly news on Sex and (B)loody Soccer is for.

For Queensland viewers, Cyclone Jasper was more important than the UN general assembly vote.

Thanks in large part to a plurality of news services in this country choosing what to cover based on what delivers the best ratings rather than what is newsworthy.


Laura Tingle and Israel-Gaza petition

Reports that ABC journalist Laura Tingle has signed a petition published in Overland magazine regarding the student protests over the Israel-Gaza conflict are false.

The name on the petition is given as “OBE Laura Tingle ABC Australia”.

The ABC has contacted Overland.

The Australian Jewish Association, which claimed on Twitter/X that Tingle had signed the petition, has corrected its report.

The Rafah invasion is all over social media. People I follow that never post anything new-related are all engaged. Seems to me like it’s a phenomenon on the level of George Floyd and MeToo. How are the commercial networks justifying not covering anything from Gaza?

I think they know it’s not something their viewer base (which, lets face it, certainly in the case of a lot of Seven and Nine’s viewers, is not likely to be overly sympathetic to the Palestinian movement and in particular the pro-Palestine protesters in places like Melbourne) is overly interested in or keen to engage in to be quite honest.
Doesn’t excuse the minimal coverage though as it’s a big global story with potentially huge geopolitical ramifications.

This is mainly due to the fact that all journalists have had to leave so coverage is very hard to do now. There is only 1-3 al Jazeera journalists still there. And even for them it’s hard to get any news out. So basically, Overall news on what is going on is hard to source.

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There’s a decent amount of discussion around some of the performative nature of the SM engagement through the AI generate image that seems to be incredibly widely shared on various platforms (I think it was up to 30million shares on Instagram).

We get poor coverage of a lot of international news at the best of times, no surprise that we get poor coverage of Gaza


Excuses, excuses. I’d have thought mediaspy members would expect news media to uphold some basic standards and integrity.

It’s not Excuses its just fact. It’s pretty hard to get any news from there when there are very little journalists on the ground.

We had weeks and weeks of coverage from Ukraine which could be considered to have been just as dangerous, not to mention that while Australian media might not have journalists on the ground every network would have access to someone via their vast network of affiliates who might be able to do a live cross occasionally.

I don’t think Ukraine is as bad as Gaza. Gaza is completely occupied now so the whole location is now very dangerous. Ukraine has a lot of dangerous areas as well but it still has safe areas. Currently most reporting that gets done about Gaza is done from countries near Gaza but not in Gaza.

You don’t need boots on the ground to report on a situation. The rest of the world is managing to.

There are a lot of important Gaza headlines occurring in the UN, The Hague and Egypt. What is the excuse to not report that?

I think the main reason that Ukraine is of more interest to the Australian 7-9-10 cohort is that consumers are more interested in wars where the people involved are seen as being “people like us” which is also why Africa receives less coverage generally.

None of the protests in Melbourne have been peaceful - sit-ins and disruption and blockades are intimidation and attempted coercion – both forms of violence.


Africa seems to be ignored from all fronts. By all reports, there’s some horrible things going down in Sudan at the moment but we barely hear a word about it.

BBC and Al Jazeera have pretty coverage of Africa but you won’t get this on FTA.

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The BBC have always been pretty good for covering African affairs I’ve found. Must admit I haven’t watched AJ much of late as their coverage on Palestine, which while comprehensive, is far from impartial.

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Yeah, I’m not sure what AJ are like at the moment, but I think they still have a few Africa focused news programs.

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