Incident at Flinders Street Station (Melbourne)


Just a brief mention at the end of Seven Afternoon News.

Nothing on ABC News yet.

Sky News tweeted saying an SVU has run though a pedestrian crossing

MFB Alt Channel 6 in use on the Metropolitan Radio Network.

Brief mention at the end of Nine’s Afternoon News in Melbourne at the moment.

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I’m on St Kilda Road and there’s been a lot of emergency vehicles racing towards the city. I haven’t seen anything like this since the Bourke Street incident.


News 24 Now on Breaking News

From Ambulance Victoria

Lucky that not anyone else has been injured. It is such a busy intersection

So far at least three ambulances have raced past my office heading toward The Alfred.

All Ambulances not on scene to go code 2.

ABC News 24 now has a PiP for a Heli shot and a Ground Shot.

Police Heli has left the city towards NW according to my private feed.

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Ironically, Mike Larkin is doing a weather cross from the Yarra which is just near the Incident.

Driver of the car has been transported to the Alfred.

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Live cross from ATN Helicopter.

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