If You Are The One

Anyone here into If You Are The One on SBS2?

How good is it?!?! :laughing:

Good enough to want to take a trip to the Aegean Sea.


It’s best watched while having Twitter nearby with the #ifyouaretheone hashtag.

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If anything, it’s taught me to never let my friends have ANY involvement in dating - on television or otherwise.

Ahhhh the frenemies…always good for a laugh.

My brothers quite like the show and watch it as long as it doesn’t clash with other shows like MKR or MasterChef, or live sports.
During my recent trip I found two longer episodes from 2015 which were available on Qantas inflight entertainment system, with its own Chinese and English subtitles.
I think I have seen a report on SMH website which says the Australian special was filmed at the show’s home in Nanjing, China, last December, and will air on SBS2 on Valentine’s Day.

They’re up on YouTube now, but not subtitled.

I’ll wait for SBS2 to air them before I watch them on YouTube.

They always manage to screw over the contestants in such a hilarious way

According to SBS, the two Australian specials will be shown on SBS2 on February 14 (Valentine’s Day) and 21 at 7.30pm. There will also be a special episode of The Feed on SBS2 on February 15 at 7.30pm.

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