I Was Actually There

I Was Actually There

2024 Upfronts

What if our history was told by the people who were actually there? What if this retelling came with all its unvarnished, irreverent and occasionally contradictory humanity still intact?

I Was Actually There, from the makers of You Can’t Ask That, will interview Australians who were there when our most defining and memorable events happened. What was it like to witness the

miraculous rescue at the Beaconsfield Mine? Or flee the raging waters of the Boxing Day tsunami? Or wag school to meet the Beatles in their prime?

Through powerful contemporary interviews with diverse and colourful characters, the show will ask these Australians what they saw, how they reacted and how it changed them. While looking to the past, the series will reflect who we are now and examine why these moments still resonate.


A Docker Media production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Finance by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen NSW. Executive producer Kirk Docker. Producers Loni Cooper, Josh Schmidt and Jess Skinner. Created by Kirk Docker, Aaron Smith and Jon Casimir. ABC Commissioning Editor Julie Hanna. ABC Head of Factual Susie Jones. International sales: ABC Commercial.