Hughesy, We Have A Problem


I didn’t think I would but I am really enjoying this show. Something different and fun.



Oh really? I wonder why they have the audience so close. It looks strange.



Compact studio / close audience, like the new Family Feud (now done from Ten Sydney).

Unlike the former big studio at Global TV in Melbourne.

The other studio you refer at Ten Melbourne, where Roving Enterprises (Rove / Before The Game / The Fifth Quarter post-game during AFL rights / The Project) is similar to Ten Sydney, very small (I’ve sat in the studio audience once).



It probably helps with the atmosphere, having the audience so close, but it doesn’t look great to have the back of their heads in the shot.



Agree re the atmosphere, but I don’t mind the behind the head shots from the back looking over the audience.

Overwhelmingly a pretty positive response on Twitter tonight about the show, obviously not an indication of ratings but hopefully the show does well there come tomorrow morning.



The studio at Ten Sydney is larger than the Melbourne The Project Studio. They’ve just brought the audience closer for the show :+1:



Wasn’t filmed at Como, you were correct with Global although went from Nunawading to South Melbourne. Also think they did a season out of ABV 2 Ripponlea.

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Rove was done from NEP or back then Global at Nunawading.

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I watched up until the first commercial break and my verdict… they tried too hard for laughs. I expected with some high professional comedians that I would be falling out of my seat with laughs but I was very disappointed.

I get more laughs from Julia Morris monologues/on-lines on I’m a Celebrity.



From memory David Knox’s review mentioned it was filmed in a very small studio.

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Despite being squeezed into a studio barely bigger than a handkerchief (problem #1, note the shots), the chemistry of the guests keeps things crackling along.

I’ve found some references to taping at Pyrmont, but the Ten studio there is fairly large. Strange.

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I think it’s actually just got to do with how big the set was scaled as, you can tell it’s not very wide lengthways when they go to a tight shot of the comedians together and the whole thing appears to be tucked into one corner of Ten’s Pyrmont studios. I’d say this is probably what dictated the seating arrangement of the studio audience and they probably wanted them to be a big part of the show hence the audience member coming on stage to share a problem etc.

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Could it be being taped in the basement studio where Breakfast was broadcast from?



Breakfast was broadcast from the newsroom floor, was it not?



Having the backs of heads in the shot might be a deliberate attempt to make it feel like a club show.



Started out in a basement studio in February 2012 (remember the windmill set?) before getting a revamp and moving into the newsroom six months later.

I don’t know how big that studio is or if it could even accommodate a studio audience.



I thought the first incarnation of Breakfast was filmed in the main studio in Sydney. If not, it was still quite a large studio.

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Ten only have two studios at Pyrmont - the one Breakfast started in (now home to Family Feud, Living Room, Hughesy, Sunday Project etc) and the one Breakfast finished in (Home to Studio 10, Ten Eyewitness News and The Loop).

Both can accommodate a studio audience.



That is the same studio as the living room etc :+1: theres only that studio and the newsroom.

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Hughesy was talking about his teeth (or lack thereof) on his radio show today and mentioned that after seeing himself on tv on HWHAP and his obvious missing tooth he was putting it back in for filming of Season 2.

Looks like filming is taking place on Sunday 26th March for 1 session and then Monday 16th April & Sunday 22nd April for 2 x sessions each date.