How to fix the VAST Regional News services

VAST is a Australian TV service that allows people across the world to watch Australian TV channels without the need of anything. But what’s the current problem with this? No, not the “missing and unnecessary channels” thing, but the regional news channels!

Well, the Southern Cross News update channel has been currently showing Nine News Regional updates, and that’s drunk!

Well, I found a way to fix it:

LCN moving:

LCN 401-409 WIN News as usual

LCN 411 Southern Cross News Tasmania/SA, plus Nine News Tasmania updates (no Central updates due to the former 410 airing them on non-purpose)

LCN 412-414 Seven Local News as usual

LCN 416-418 NBN News as usual

LCN 419-421 Prime7 Local News as usual

New channels:

LCN 410 WIN News updates from Mildura, Northern NSW, Eastern South Australia and Mackay

Former LCN 410 axed

LCN 415 Seven News Queensland (statewide) bulletins

LCN 422 Prime7 News at 6:30pm bulletins

LCN 423 Nine News/Seven News Gold Coast 5:30 bulletins

LCN 424 Nine News Townsville and Cairns bulletins

LCN 425 Nine News Rockhampton bulletins

LCN 426 Nine News Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba bulletins

LCN 427 Nine News Orange and Wagga Wagga bulletins

LCN 428 Nine News Canberra and Wollongong bulletins

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