Searching around I can’t see any dedicated Homicide threads (am I wrong?) and am interested in starting one. I can kick out a mundane question (‘what’s the classic line-up?’) but I thought it would be better to see what the show’s title evoked, if anything, from people here

Welcome aboard. As you started this thread, presumably you have a contribution to make, feel free to start the ball rolling. Over to you…

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Which Homicide are you talking about? The classic Australian Homicide series or the American Homicide:Life on the Streets?

The classic Australian.


It was before my time but I remember my dad being a big fan of the show. Seems to have ended in 1977 so I wasnt allowed to watch television after 8.30pm in those days.

I figure Cop Shop was like its replacement but it was a bit more soapie than weekly drama. George Mallaby was a regular in both shows.

Wow talk about timing. I had this TV show theme in my head just last week that I couldn’t work out what show it was from. I was pretty sure it was an Australian police drama from the 70’s but couldn’t remember the name, only that it wasn’t Matlock Police but the other one. Thanks @phelby-thomas for starting this thread as now I know the answer.

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Homicide or…

Top cast:

*Leonard Teale · Det. Sgt. David Mackay · 360 eps • 1965–1976
*George Mallaby · Det. Peter Barnes · 268 eps • 1966–1973
*John Fegan · Insp. Jack Connolly · 206 eps • 1964-1970
*Alwyn Kurts · Insp. Colin Fox · 185 eps • 1968-1973
*Gary Day · Sen. Det. Phil Renford · 135 eps • 1972-1976
*Norman Yemm · Sen. Det. Jim Patterson · 130 eps • 1965-1972
*Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell · Insp Reg Lawson · 126 eps • 1973-1976
*Don Barker · Det. Sgt. Harry White · 120 eps • 1967–1976
*Les Dayman · Sen. Det. Bill Hudson · 105 eps • 1966-1968


That brown suit!

That wasn’t the worst of 70s fashion that was seen on that show. Here we have a stylish beige suit with a pink shirt and a brown tie. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting to see how they all wore those pork pie hats when the show started in the 60s. In those days it was compulsory to wear a hat in certain jobs. I’m reminded of an older lady who I worked with in the 80s in a department store. She recalled how in the 50s and 60s it was compulsory for ladies to wear a hat and gloves when commuting to and from work.

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