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Actually not a bad idea

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Sorry I meant that as a joke as well. Added a :laughing: at the end.

I read that earlier… and did not click lol. Thought as well “good idea”… :laughing:


Love is in the air

You’re invited to the wedding of Leah and Justin

One of Summer Bay’s greatest love stories takes centre stage next week, when the most anticipated wedding of the year comes to Home and Away on Channel 7 and 7plus.

In a moment set to go down in Summer Bay history, the wedding of Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) will see the star-crossed couple solidify their love in an elegant ceremony with their nearest and dearest.

Dressed in a classic white gown, Leah walks down the aisle towards the man she loves, after a drama-fueled five-year romance. Leah and Justin’s relationship has been put to the ultimate test over the past year, after a recent kidnapping, a near death experience and a mental breakdown left a big question mark hanging over their future.

Despite their rocky road to the altar, the soulmates have proven their love to be invincible.

With Justin left in charge of organising the entire wedding, the big day is set to have a few surprises in store, including John (Shane Withington) being enlisted as the celebrate to officiate the joyous union.

Leah and Justin’s nuptials will also see the return of some familiar faces: Justin’s sister Tori (Penny McNamee), his daughter Ava (Annabel Wolfe) and Leah’s son VJ (Matt Little) are all in attendance for the big day.

The unmissable ceremony will tug at the heart strings as the happy couple exchange vows and mark the start of their new life together with a kiss.

Witness the television event of the year: the wedding of Leah and Justin coming Tuesday, 9 April on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Home and Away The wedding of Leah and Justin - 7.00pm Tuesday, 9 April on Channel 7 and 7plus

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How long will this marriage last?

James has mentioned in an interview on Good Friday that he has no plans to leave and would like Leah and Justin to become a mainstay couple on the show.

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Let’s hope they get some better storylines then because the last several on again/off again relationship ones are just weird, boring and don’t make any sense as for which one is going to go crazy or drug affected or whatever each time.

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Watching shows like Neighbours and H&A it seems the pattern is that if two characters get married quickly then there will be major problems coming up soon, however if there is drama and delays getting to the wedding then they have a better chance of making it - well at least for a few months. :grin:


Given the Leah is Summer Bay’s black widow, I give it a few years at best.

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The whole plot line ahead of the wedding seems a bit unrealistic

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how may times has this women been married? lol

Her 4th wedding - three previous husbands all died - although only one actually died while still being legally married to Leah.

Two died. One cheated on her and they divorced.

Nope all three are dead - two after divorce, one during marriage.

Vinnie and Dan died. Zac left the bay. That’s the three. Only two died.

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Sorry must’ve been mixed up.

that seems fair enough. There’s a lot of ex husbands to keep track of.
for what it’s worth - she peaked with Ryan Kwanten, it’s been all downhill since then :laughing:

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Vinnie was a great character. They brought in a similar character a while ago called Chris Harrington, played by Johnny Ruffo. Both characters were funny and stuffed up many things they tried to do but with good intentions and a heart of gold.

Thats quite a mixed up comment too. :crazy_face:

How about. Sorry must’ve been mixed up.

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