Hits of 2019


Discussion of the biggest successes in programs and scheduling for 2019.

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Married at First Sight (beat My Kitchen Rules every night since season premiere)
Travel Guides



Travel Guides goes from strength to strength. Gogglebox doing well and saving 10’s ratings figure for Q1.



Travel Guides has been the most successful post 8:30 program this year.



I’d argue I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here did some pretty good business for Ten (relatively speaking) after a lacklustre S4 last year.



I agree, I’m a Celebrity was very competitive against Nine’s coverage of Australian Open tennis.



Arguably, the ONLY hit program on Australian TV so far this year outside of news/sports.

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Aus Open into Married by a mile! It’s been phenomenal for Nine. Seven would’ve expected MKR to decline again surely, but not into MasterChef recent territory of 700k-range (if not lower).

Outside stronghold Sydney, I think Nine hold the No. 1 program so far in Melbourne (Aus Open final). A market (along with the rest of Australia Hugh Marks and others said more or less they wanted to invest and focus more on, look how big The Block and basically most other Nine shows have been not just in Sydney but Melbourne and nationwide in recent times).

AFL will still do very good for Seven as we’ve already started to see again.



for some reason people forget how successful Married was last year. I do believe an increase has to do with the stronger launching pad but I do feel married would have seen a similar increase this year without the Australian Open. Possibly the real thing is MKR might not have seen such a huge decrease. But yet that was still going to drop viewers. It has been for the last few years.

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And having so many “villains” does not help. People don’t mind a few stirers but having promos nearly every week which ask “who is the real villain?” just reinforces the notions that it’s now more about the drama than the food.



If I’m not mistaken, it took two weeks for MAFS to overtake MKR in 2018 while the Nine program was pretty much #1 from the first episode this year. So I’d definitely say that the change in broadcaster for the tennis made at least some small difference. If Seven still had the tennis, I suspect MKR may have still been outrating MAFS for at least the first week of the 2019 season(s).



But they also tweaked the format at the start of the season so it wasn’t wedding after wedding after wedding in the first two weeks.

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The Married promos with Elizabeth and all were terrific (say what you like), but placed strategically across all the tennis since late December (not just the Aus Open - remember how much of a reach live sport has, even just one viewer flicking to 5min of a match and happens to see a promo and be drawn in).

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Of course this is all hypothetical. However, Married has seen some of its highest figures 2 months after the Australian Open. That could suggest the show was just going to create the buzz and get the viewers no matter what.