Hits of 2017

Discussion of the biggest successes in programs and scheduling for 2017.

Murder Uncovered

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Does Married on First Sight count?

It’s doing well but how does it compare to previous seasons?

I think its a bit hard to tell just yet because there has only been an episode for most shows. But I would think Murder Uncover, as long as there isn’t a massive drop, would be up there.

Celeb and MAFS both seen increases over last year.

Probably Tens biggest win anyway.

Married is certainly still well down on S1 (didn’t every ep rate 1m+)?

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This Is Us (more or less)? :slight_smile:

Hahaa nope. Its closer to the miss than the hit.

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At this stage it’s in the middle because it’s definitely a miss with total people but a hit in the demographics (so far).

But even in demos its not really a stand up. Yes its the number 1 scripted show but nine and seven only have 800 words and House Husbands as their scripted dramas. So its not like theres a lot to compare with.

Well I’m basing it on it appearing in the top 5 of the demos every week, not comparing it to other shows. Maybe it’s a hit on the night but compared right across the board, it’s a miss.

Have You Been Paying Attention?

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I think it was a hit last year?

Australian Ninja Warriors


Can True Story with Hamish and Andy be called a hit?

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So far, but let’s see what happens after the interruption.

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Little Big Shots

Doctor Doctor
The Block
The Bachelorette (featuring Sophie Monk)

The Good Doctor (could not have come at a better time for Seven after it went into a ratings slump since mid year)

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