Hits and Misses of 2024

Discussion of the ratings hits and misses of 2024.

Three weeks into the new year, and it’s safe to say that Gladiators Australia is underperforming (the premiere episode wasn’t too bad…).

It will be interesting to see what happens next Monday (29 Jan), when there will be a lot of Season Premieres. From Australian Idol and The Chase Double the Chasers gimmick (on Seven), Tipping Point Australia and Married at First Sight (on Nine), and Deal or No Deal and Australian Survivor (on 10).


Deal or no Deal is a clear miss.

No, they can’t bring The Simpsons back at 6pm. :laughing:

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Never gets old… :joy:

Tipping Point AU is a clear success for Nine with some developing follow through impacts on the schedule. Interested to see what happens in Perth where it is often ahead on 9News Afternoon.

Deal of No Deal also seems to be a (moderate) success. Again last night it was 10’s number one show just ahead of The Project. It has definitely built the audience at 6pm from last year even with the simulcast removed. Last night it ranked 18th in metro markets - unheard of for 6pm on 10 for many years.


I loved Family Feud but I’d rank Deal or No Deal ahead as my favourite of their 6pm gameshows.

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Q1 of the year has gone.

Hits: Married at First Sight (runaway winner)

Honourable mentions: Australian Idol (held well against Married. Appears higher than last season) / Australian Survivor (Although third place behind Married and Idol, it didn’t do too badly)…

Flops: Ready Steady Cook

(So far in Q2: Bluey’s 20+ minute episode that aired yesterday: Super massive hit / I’m A Celeb doing well in 10’s standards too)


Flops: Food Stars, Alone Australia

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Was it though?

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Well, Alone Australia’s overnight ratings were lower than season 1 last year. Most of its audience either recorded the show or streamed via SBS on Demand.

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So they still watched in the same numbers?

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