Hits and Misses of 2023

In line with other yearly hits and misses topics, this time of 2023. The discussion here usually follows Australian shows, and sometimes international shows, of whats a hit, a pass, and a miss in the ratings area.

So far in 2023:
Hit: Married At First Sight.
Pass: The Bachelor (good in some demos, average in total numbers)
Misses: Ten’s Saturday night schedule, a miss.

Will see how Australian Idol goes when it reaches the Top 12 stages…


Miss: Maternal, Quantum Leap reboot

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wasn’t sure which thread

Regardless of the masthead, some interesting ‘insider’ comments, as well as some from media buyers on the TV prime time battle at the moment and what may have contributed to particularly Seven’s situation at the moment:

There’s also a News Corp one, which is an updated article from last week on it too.

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