Hits and Misses of 2020

Sorry if someone’s already created this topic, but with the ratings season starting soon (next week?) I think it’s time we start looking at the hits/misses in Australian TV for 2020.


The obvious miss is MKR. I for one, like many others were predicting this season would rate below previous seasons, due to viewer fatigue. The figures we’ve seen this week were shockingly low, I was definitely not expecting the type of figures we’ve seen. To think that this show was a staple in 7’s programming and often rated near the million mark is incredible. A sad miserable death for a once great franchise.
I do however expect to see it stupidly return next year, hopefully stripped and back to its origins. This will definitely be it’s last hope.

A potential gem could be Mega Mini Golf, but from what I’ve heard and seen, I doubt this will actually ever air, or at least this year. Hope to be proven wrong. (I wouldn’t look much into this, my source was a bit on the dodgy side :rofl:) EDIT- Just read the Big Brother news, this confirms what I heard last week; late host change, new filming schedule/time, both impacting the timeline for Mega Mini Golf.

Lego Masters should do well for 9, most likely on par ratings with last year, which by no means is a bad thing. Let’s just hope they don’t feel the need to extend it, 4 weeks was a great length. This seems to be the way to go.

I think the schedule to watch is what 10 does with its extra half hour of news, ratings wise, it seems to have potential. Remember, no promotion has occurred as I believe they are still in the testing phase. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a change with The Project either, format or time slot wise.


I predict Big Brother as the major flop for 2020 followed closely by MKR which is already a proven flop lol. BB will rate no better than what MKR is doing this week.

Today Show should gain some good momentum in the second half.

Masked Singer will grow and be another winner for 10.

Dancing will be borderline acceptable. Survivor also.

Ninja will trend backwards. The peak has come and gone.

MAFS the number one show for the year.

Nine News will nail the USA election coverage.


I’d add Farmer Wants A Wife to that list too. Second dumbest acquisition ever.

Masked Singer will do well if they get decent celebrities. If they put no names in there again, I reckon it’ll sink.

The mini golf show I thought may do well, but this suggests it’ll be celebrities, and will probably flop. The Dog judging show with Rebel Wilson has potential; people love their dogs.

I think all the commercial drama will flop, people don’t seem to want to watch dramas on commercial TV anymore.

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