Hit and Misses of 2022

Discussion of program and schedule triumphs and misses* of 2022.

*underperformers, disappointments and other nice ways of saying flops.


The long awaited Mates On A Mission debuts to just 261,000 metro viewers.


I haven’t watched Seven in ages and didn’t even know it was on, so not surprised. Maybe they should have kept the show for screening after The Voice when it returns.

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Same. I’ve been watching 7 during the day while on holidays but not interested in BBL at all so haven’t been watching in the evenings. I presumed it was just cricket that was on 7.

Continuing from 2021, Ten’s A-League matches on Saturday nights are a big miss too.

I’ll suggest that I’m A Celebrity is a hit, especially what its getting against the Australian Open over the last two nights.


I’m A Celeb has to go down as a hit once again. Solid and consistent numbers even though it got bashed by the tennis for the big matches.
Mates on a Mission is a Miss.

Hit: Married at First Sight. Sigh…
Pass (just): Would I Lie To You Australia
Miss: SAS Australia (for the money spent on the show with the challenges they do)

Miss: Barons (poor overnight and Total TV figures)
Pass: First Dates

Hit: Neighbours finale (10’s biggest total audience since the Oprah interview)

Hit: Hunted
Miss: Win the Week (it has been bumped from 8pm to 9.30pm Wednesdays as of this week)

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Shaun Micallef’s Brain Eisteddfod gets a failing grade - hitting a season low last night and down 80k week-on-week, lower when it had Comm Games as competition.

Great show though. I hope 10 stick with it. A real studio audience will lift the show.

Miss: Shaun Micallef’s Brain Eisteddfod (it did have some potential)

No it didn’t. I called it from the start.

Miss: The Real Love Boat

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