Hit and Misses of 2021

Aaaah, yes, how can i miss out on the Oprah Interview… (oops). It’s the number one show of the year so far.

Hit: Fisk (especially with huge increases in consolidated and high VPM rating)

Miss: Amazing Grace

Hits: Lego Masters, Dancing with the Stars, Have you been Paying Attention.

Average: Masterchef, Celebrity Apprentice, Big Brother, Travel Guides, Space Invaders.

Misses: The Weakest Link (literally), How to Stay Married, Doctor Doctor, Emergency.

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It’s difficult to see how Nine are going to be happy at how ​the first few episodes of this show received less viewers than a fairly niche ABC-TV show such as Love On The Spectrum.

Although even ignoring the neurodiverse competition, The Weakest Link didn’t have the right timeslot (really should’ve been a 7.30pm show, like Seven’s version was two decades ago) or host.

The ratings say it’s not niche. The current OzTAM 28 day rolling BVOD ratings put The Handmaid’s Tale in the top five spots, with Love on the Spectrum taking up positions six, seven and nine.

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Although while the ABC will no doubt be happy at the ratings and BVOD figures for Love On The Spectrum, realistically I don’t think they would’ve been expecting it (especially not Tuesday night’s double length finale, which smashed TWL by just over 200k metro viewers) to outrate The Weakest Link.

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Hit: Australian Survivor
Average: Beauty and the Geek

I think Farmer Wants a Wife is somewhere in between.

Hit: The Voice

Australian Gangster. Drama flop of the year.

Seven’s premier Australian Gangster disappointed … on 359,000.

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