Hi-5 (2000-2008)

Hello everyone!

My name is Pamela, and I am 26 years old based in Perth, WA.

I am unsure if this is the right place to ask for this request. If it is not, please accept my apologies.

If it is, I am writing this post as this is a long shot and I would like to ask if there is anyone here who have any clips or TV recordings of Hi-5’s appearances or ads on Channel Nine back in the early 2000s-2008.

I currently run a fan page for Hi-5 on Instagram called @wildweirdandwonderful and I am doing an archive post series called “Buried Treasures” where I post some rare clips of Hi-5 that were never seen before by the new generation of fans and that is where my archiving hobby came about. I recently joined this forum in the hopes of finding more rare archives that include Hi-5 in it.

I am currently after the following clips:

  • 2000 and 2004 TV Week Logie Awards Acceptance Speeches (Most Outstanding Children’s Program)
  • Today Show Episode on 22nd Feb 2008 - this was when Charli Robinson announced her departure from Hi-5 and they had also shown a snippet of her audition video – I remember watching the clip on the Today Show Ninemsn website.
  • 2004 ARIA Awards Acceptance Speech - Best Children’s Album
  • Charli Robinson & Kellie Crawford on Surprise, Surprise (Original Air Date: 7 Nov 2000) – I was hoping if there was a full episode on this as I’ve only seen a snippet of it that was part of Surprise, Surprise Gotcha!
  • Hi-5’s 300th Episode feature story on the Today Show (aired around 2006)

If you have any more clips that were not mentioned (e.g. rare idents, etc.) but would love to contribute, I am more than happy to take them. It will be a surprise for me as well as it will be my first time seeing these clips (I did not have access to Channel 9 back in the Philippines, only ABC Australia)

I know copyright may be a concern/problem with this and that is totally fine if it cannot be posted, I understand.

Rest assured, I will credit you for the clips. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much in advance and have a great day today.


Also, I have found the following screencaps online for references and would love to see the original clips of this. Credits to the rightful owner of these.

Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Grand Final Promo - I believe this was from early 2001 or late 2000s?


ARIA Awards 2003 - I’ve been wanting to know why Charli was shown in this?

TV Week Logie Awards 2004 - I have found screenshots but not clips of them accepting the award.

Hi-5’s appearance on Rove Live - date for this is unknown, but I found a promo photo of this.
Hi-5 at Rove_02

If anyone here could help me with these, that would be fantastic and I truly appreciate your help.

Thank you once again :slight_smile: