Help Matlock buy some headphones

I currently have a pair of headphones at home but the audio in the right ear has gone. They’re just a pair of five year old shitty Logitech things which I bought alongside my PC.

So I wanna buy some new ones which will last a while. Good quality, possibly with a mic (not visible), because my work involves conducting interviews over the phone.

I’ve been doing research into different brands. Audio Technica and Sennheiser have been recommended. Price range is $100-200. What y’all think?

Paging audiophile @TheHubMan I need you man

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Phone sex worker or telemarketing Tommy? :thinking:

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Bose can be had for around $250 if you don’t want wireless or noise cancelling.

They are the most comfortable I’ve ever had, you can wear them all day and not realise you have got them on. Sounds pretty good too.

No mic though.

Oooooh you have come to the right person.

If you want really good headphones with great surround sound, levels, distinct sounds and if separately sold components then go for the AIAIAI TMA’s. This is what I use to DJ with and they’re really good for that. The only downside is the mic has to be purchased separately from here

If you’re looking for some versatile headphones, take a look at some of the RAZER headsets, which could also be used for gaming. the mic quality varies dependant on the type of headset. Specifically I would take the Razer Kraken Pro because it’s good comfort for longer use, easily customisable and (I think like the AIAIAI) parts can be purchased individually if one component breaks.

As someone who just upgraded to a pair of TMA-2s from a worn out pair of TMA-1s that I’ve owned for 6 years, this is definitely the way to go even if it’s a little out of your price range. If you buy direct from you can completely customise your initial setup - I can vouch that the bluetooth option on the TMA-2s is fantastic.

TheHubMan is John Howard confirmed


Are they over ear or on ear? They look awesome otherwise so I’ll try and snag some next week.

Thank you for bestowing the sacred title of ‘certified mad cunt’ to me. with great power comes great responsibility. implying I won’t sell out and self promote

Yeah they’re on ear headphones, so much fkn better than anything I’ve had before and they’re designed for loud venues so the volume is actually hectic and on full blast will actually blow your brains out.


I’ll take a look. I was looking for something more over ear, for travelling on a plane or on the bus, or while in the office having to listen back to interviews and dictations - if there’s any over ear in that brand I’ll take them.

Take a look at their main site where the headset can be fully customizable - you do have a choice of on ear or over ear earpads. I use the over ear and while they’re not full isolation like a pair of closed over ear headphones they are still very comfortable. I’m unsure of how much noise leakage it would have.

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Neat, I had a play around with their website and got my Spotify playlist analysed, and it came up with a nice pair. I’ll give it a week’s thought.

Thanks @Squee and @TheHubMan

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