Heartbreak Island Australia

Heartbreak Island Australia

Too hot for TV

Sexy singles storm Heartbreak Island Australia

Strap in for the hottest singles, raunchiest moments and biggest scandals when the new series deemed too salacious for prime-time, Heartbreak Island Australia, lands exclusively on 7plus.

For the very first time, an all-new international cast will send temperatures off the charts as 16 singles from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US arrive on a tropical Fijian island and put it all on the line to find their ideal lover and compete for $100,000.

With love-bombing, benching, cushioning, situationships, betrayals and blindsides, a dating dictionary is advised as Heartbreak Island Australia takes the reality TV genre to juicy new heights.

Navigating the couplings and combustions, TV and radio personality Clinton Randell (Masked Singer NZ, Dancing With The Stars NZ) said: “I couldn’t wait to start shooting Heartbreak Island Australia, this time with our first-ever global cast. I cheered, laughed, teared up, stirred the pot, threw in a few twists, and made life-long friends. I can’t wait for viewers to see it.”

Set against the stunning vistas of Fiji, contestants will pair up, face challenges, choose to stay or stray from their partner during the infamous “passion plays” and fight to avoid elimination. It can’t all be bliss, with disruptors shaking up the game and putting the Heartbreakers at risk.

Who is looking for love, who wants to pocket the cash and who is out for revenge?

The Heartbreakers ready to risk it all for romance are:

Heartbreak Island is produced by Imagination for Warner Bros. Discovery.

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Lol at 7 trying to pretend it’s an Australian series, the cast may be Aussie heavy but it’s anything but.


Yeah it’s really just the Three NZ show rebranded.

So it’s knock-off Love Island yeah?

He ain’t a pro - TM says he’s uncontracted and as far as I can tell he has only played for semi-pro teams.

Theres quite a difference between $100,000 USD, AUD and NZD.

Wonder what currency they’re talking

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It’s be NZD surely, given that’s the production company is situated and where the host broadcaster is from.

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TV Blackbox even thought Seven commissioned the show! The headline of the article says “Channel 7 commissions raunchy ‘Too Hot for TV’ dating format HEARTBREAK ISLAND AUSTRALIA”.


Play, Stay or Stray

World premiere of Heartbreak Island Australia is almost here

Get out your dating dictionary as Heartbreak Island Australia premieres Thursday, 4 August exclusively on 7plus.

Australians will be the first in the world to witness all the hook-ups and bust-ups from the island, with new episodes dropping every Thursday for free on 7plus.

The attached media kit has all the juicy details on the Heartbreakers, as well as guide to what we can expect from Heartbreak Island Australia by Cupid himself, host Clint Randell.

Dive deep into how the brand new dating game, Heartbreak Island Australia, is played and get some fascinating insights into our new Heartbreakers, including why Kacey from Perth has been banned from Tinder, and why New Zealand hunk Manaaki isn’t afraid to step on some toes to find the girl or guy of his dreams.

Who will fall in love, and who will never want to see their partner again?

The Heartbreakers ready to risk it all for romance are:

The show will be given a late night spot on Seven’s main channel from Monday 15 August 11:40 PM

Three, free-to-air network in New Zealand, will also bring Heartbreak Island Australia under the name Heartbreak Island since the show was originally made in NZ.

The show will premiere only on its streaming platform ThreeNow, Thursday August 11.

The show is noticeably missing from all BVOD charts (unsurprisingly IMO)