HD Broadcasting


I recall there was an interesting reason for their switch from 720p to 1080i. Something to do with the technical challenges internally with running both an interlaced 576i and progressive 720p service in simulcast. Switching to 2 interlaced services was the outcome 576i/1080i. Might have also had something to do with the subtitles they run on foreign language programs too I recall.


Sunrise on 7HD in Central Qld didn’t look as good as Studio 10 on WIN HD . Studio 10 was very bright, sharp and clear, Sunrise was bright but not sharp (if that makes sense?). Perhaps there is no difference ? It does look better on WIN HD though.

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With 7HD in Regional QLD being MPEG 2, it will struggle for clarity against the more efficient MPEG 4 that WIN are using.


Next year will 7 HD Regional QLD be changing to MPEG-4 ? Is only WIN using MPEG-4 and not 7 ,9 and 10 in metro areas?


All other main channel HD services such as 9HD, SBSHD Viceland HD, ABCHD, 7HD are in MPEG4 metro and regional.


They could come up with a timeframe and say by Jan 1 2020 every channel will be broadcast in MPEG-4.


Something like that would be good, but I don’t see the networks turning off MPEG-2 in just over a year.
(It’ll probably take longer than that before Prime7 squeeze in Food Network.)


I reckon 1/1/2021 (exactly 20 years since the first regular transmissions of digital television in Australia) would be the most ideal date to go all MPEG4.

But realistically, I’d expect the status quo to remain until/unless we move over to DVB-T2 when all channels in HD and maybe 4K would be a major selling point.


Very surprised to see no HD add-on beside the 7 logo on the Cricket coverage in NQ today, previously the HD logo was added to sport on 7mate, but this doesn’t appear to be the case on 7HD


I have noticed the same thing here in Toowoomba… WIN HD looks far better then 7HD… This is via the Mount Mowbullan TX for refrence

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Why bother with the HD logo add-on as there is no SD simulcast. The less on-screen clutter the better.
The silliness of main channel SD/HD simulcast needs to end with the HD stream only broadcast.
Seven QLD is leading with this for the FTA networks, albeit still only Mpeg2 HD.
I don’t think Seven QLD will bother with a return to a main channel SD simulcast once Channel 9 takes over their playout sometime next year, but change it to h.264 HD in anycase. Time will tell.
The main channel ABC HD service is available as the only channel on VAST with no SD simulcast, a very sensible decision by the ABC.


SBS HD Tasmania also has no SD simulcast on VAST. They reused it for the national Food Network feed. Tassie must have the lowest number of viewers.


The difference with VAST is that every VAST receiver is HD and MPEG-4 compatible so everyone on VAST can receive every channel regardless of what format it is broadcast in (in fact I believe all channels on VAST have always been MPEG-4), therefore there is no need to cater for anyone who may be using older equipment, as the OTA broadcasters are doing.


Staying with my sisters for a few weeks and have noticed that they automatically select channels 2, 3, 7, 9, 10 rather than the HD channels. As the screen is small it doesn’t much matter so I haven’t said anything.


It’s very true it’s interesting a lot of the time I’m the same! I’ll just go in and flick on the channel.

The bitrate needs to be a LOT higher for the FTA networks. Was watching a lot of the HD news bulletins in the past week and you’d be more like to find better quality videos off YouTube.


The picture quality on ALL of the SD channels leaves a lot to be desired.

The HD channels are fine though, but could be better… Certainly not Blu Ray or even FOX Sports HD quality.


It depends on the area you’re in.

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