Hannah Gadsby’s Nude

###Hannah Gadsby’s Nude

“The Nude” is one of the most enduring subjects in western art and culture. In this two part Arts-doc series, comedy queen Hannah Gadsby undresses the nude and lays bare our compelling relationship with the human form. Wielding her wit like a TV detective with a UV light, Hannah reveals the invisible clothing of The Nude.

The Nude has survived the crumbling of ancient civilizations and the shaming of well-placed medieval fig leaves. Our art galleries are full of nude works from eons gone by, while naked bodies litter our modern social media. From fine art throughout history to contemporary advertising imagery, our fascination with the nude form is ever-present and ongoing.

Hannah Gadsby will stir up quite the hornet’s nest as she pokes at the gender politics at the heart of the nude. The series is a blend of artful humour and accessible art analysis. In true Gadsby style, it will get you thinking even if you only tune in for a laugh.

Hannah Gadsby. Nude. Look out.

Production credits: Barefoot / Screen NSW, ABC TV

Runs for: Three x 60min on ABC & iview

Very British sounding - comedian looks at serious-ish topic in accessible way. Not a huge fan of these things.