Guy Montgomery’s Guy Mont-Spelling Bee

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I really expected Ten to commission this, but here we are.


There is a show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival on April 20, featuring comedians such as Anne Edmonds, David Correos, Fern Brady and John Kearns.

Could this be filmed for TV, or is there a separate new program in the works?


Is this a new commission as an Australian version? Could ABC have rescued the show given Three is all but abandoning any local programming in NZ?

I’m surprised to see ABC get it too - I watched some of the NZ version and it seems like the sort of thing 10 could play 8:30 Monday or Tuesday (when Cheep Seats or HYBPA are off) or something to air with Taskmaster Aus as some “Fun & Games” oriented line up.

Still I’ll probably watch, and yay for no ads.


If you’re curious, here’s the Kiwi version :

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The show was reported to have received funding from NZ On Air for its second season.

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During this fast-paced, entertaining and hilarious new comedy panel show, host Guy Montgomery and his loyal assistant Aaron Chen challenge four comedians, comprising of both established names and up-and-coming comics, as they attempt to spell a myriad of words as best they can, all to be crowned that week’s best speller.

Production credit:

A Kevin & Co and ABC co-production. Producers: Bronwynn Bakker, Cam Bakker. Executive Producer: Cam Bakker, Bronwynn Bakker, Greg Sitch, Guy Montgomery. ABC Executive Producer Mark Sutton. ABC Head of Entertainment Rachel Millar.

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The show will be filmed at ABC HQ at Ultimo in Sydney in the last week of June. Tickets are now available at That’s the Ticket website.

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Guy and Aaron. That’s a good combo. I am still shocked 10 didn’t try and get this. As mentioned above, could of been used before HYBPA airs in May or on a Thursday 8:30pm slot too


I went to a filming last night. It was very funny but I am not sure how much will need to be edited out. They did not know when it would air. I wish I’d asked if it was 30 mins or an hour. The session was about two hours.

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NZ eps were 44 mins without ads, I lost interest after 30….hope they don’t make it too long

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