Grant Broadcasters


The above link is taken from RadioApp, which sends out a comprehensive rundown of their log most of the time (sometimes they don’t).

It wouldn’t be the worst idea. I wouldn’t mind if it extended to Wave FM as well, as that would be an improvement over their own log, and would also improve their ratings, who are rating 13% behind the market-leading independently-owned i98FM (WIN’s radio arm is considered to be an independent owner according to CRA).

I would imagine that Hot Tomato under Grant ownership would start taking Kate, Tim & Marty at 5-7pm weekdays, followed by The Random 30 Countdown. Therefore, all the Gold Coast commercial FM stations would be airing networked drive programs, with Sea airing Hughesy & Kate, whilst Gold airs Kennedy Molloy.


I’d be expecting cuts in areas that can be run out of the Sunshine Coast office too, such as news and digital. And probably talent too - Grant love to voice track shifts with talent from neighboring markets.


They’re going to gut that station, aren’t they?

Free kick to Rebel and Breeze there (and to a lesser extent Radio 97, should we live in an alternative universe where Bill splurges on a local announcer in drive).


Hmm I don’t think this is great news. I bet they eventually re-brand as Hot 102.9 to compliment Hot 91.1 on the Sunshine Coast.

They’ve now got Brisbane encircled with Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and now the GC :slight_smile:


Had to happen sooner or later. Everyone needs an exit strategy; Hans and Anna and Milesy have been there since day one. Craney a foundation employee too. Graeme, head of sales as well.

Any new owner, if they can retain the staff would be very happy about the calibre of the leaders there that they welcome to their company.

Perhaps they might like to buy a station or two in Brisbane? We know of a couple that are underperforming and in their price range.

What’s fascinating is the snail’s pace of most of the industry publications to publish the news. You’d think they’d fall over each other to post.

Greg Newman’s Jocks’ Journal was the only one:

Good on Greg for getting it out there close enough to when staff were told.


Yes imagine if they could buy 882 in Brisbane then I guess they could put River and Hot on DAB in Brisbane. I’m not sure if there would be overlap issues though? Hot and River both have some overlap with Brisbane, but not with each other so there’s no “3 station” overlap technically if they owned 882…


I would not be surprised if Grant Broadcaster brought ACE Radio Broadcaster within the next 5 years…Watch this space.


I don’t think that would be a bad thing :grinning:


It’s a bit sad to see another independent station go, especially one so successful. If Grants are smart they will keep changes to a minimum and as you say try and keep the successful team together for a while

While its music isn’t always my cup of tea, the commitment to being live and local longer than the SCA competitors has got to be admired, and is surely part of their success. Hopefully it continues under the new owners

I’d love to know how much they paid for it though - I’d be sure Hans and co have made a pretty little retirement fund out of selling


Correct Brian, with overlap, could only own one Brisbane licence if Ipswich was retained (71% within Bris).

Overlap with Nambour (33% in Bris), so again, if their Nambour licence (Hot 91) was retained, could only own one Brisbane licence.

Would need a lot of investment in two neglected AM metro stations at the expense of moderate earners.

Educated guess or a hope? Would be good, Camerons have the cashflow behind them for acquisitions as we’ve progressively witnessed in the recent decade or so.


@crankymedia … A educated guess.


Those in within Ace markets will live in hope I’m sure.


One thing I did go look up to check about a merger with Ace, they’d be fine with 3CS/Mixx in Colac - the overlap with Geelong’s market is currently 25% (with the threshold being 30%).

There’s a few of the existing adjacent Ace markets that are close to overlapping - Hamilton/Warnambool is ~27% as is Wangaratta/Albury - so it’d make sense to make a move before there’s a risk that the next census could throw some of those into a breach and require them to sell off some of the Ace stations.


Prediction for 102.9 Power FM Gold Coast, Hit Music From the 90’s To Now.




Wouldn’t they use Hot to try and match their brand on the Sunshine Coast?


Not that it’ll stop them, but for me Hot is a weird fit for a station playing 80s and 90s music


We do crankymedia :pray:


I can’t imagine any rebrand for Hot Tomato. Grants do not have many No.1 markets so they’d be mad to mess with a good formula.

I’d imagine if not already that TRSN would represent Hot Tomato.


They do already.