ARN Regional (formerly Grant Broadcasters)

From Monday, “The Campus”, which airs at 7-10pm weeknights on the CHR stations, will become the “Random 30”.


How far does a station need to go before they can just brand it as the hosts name? I.e just do what workdays do and promote the station & music rather than a “show”.

From Radioinfo:

Grant Broadcasters, has selected Triton Digital to power the delivery, monetization, and measurement of its online audio content.

Through this partnership, Grant Broadcasters will utilize Triton’s robust audio streaming network to deliver high quality audio content from their 47 commercial broadcast stations online, and the Tap Ad Server to dynamically insert highly targeted audio ads into their content.

Read more at:

Yuk, no thanks, farewell to audience.

So where are they moving to?

It says Brook St, but doesn’t say exactly where.

Hopefully this means Power FM finally gets RDS.

Did a Google search, and the development application for the satellite dish states it is at 56 Brook St.


Not a bad spot - I thought they could’ve moved into the Muswellbrook Business Centre across the road from the RSL and Hungry Jacks.

Great effort on the searches, just what’s needed, thanks for your contribution @littlegezzybear


Thanks. :+1:

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Grant Broadcasters have purchased Hot Tomato on the Gold Coast.


SCA will be jumping for joy in that case!

Their independence was a big reason behind their ratings success in recent surveys.


Want to beat SCA? Don’t. Touch. It.

Live and local is what the market needs. SCA don’t get it, but Torv and co did.


For as long as the new owners don’t mess with the ratings winning formula of Hot Tomato too much, I can see the station continuing to rate well in the Gold Coast radio market.

I agree.

The formats of Sea FM and Gold FM are very cookie cutter SCA, aren’t they?


That’s actually really sad news. Another independent gone.


That is sad news. I hope it does not become a poor man’s version of Hit.

Yes I think SCA will be jumping for joy.

I’m sure it will be running the same log as River 94.9 before too long.


That’s what I liked about the station, It had a good point of difference to SCA.

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What does River 94.9 sound like these days? Last time I listen, it had a pretty good music mix.

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