Grant Broadcasters


For broadcast radio, the licensee broadcasts a message on air and public notice in a newspaper connected to the area.


What technical spec did they change? Polarisation or ERP?


Don’t know @NRN11, would’ve been none the wiser if not for ABC notification.

No variation to LAP, so not on ACMA site. Can only think they weren’t up to full spec and now are or are closer to it.

If anyone in Bendigo or the network knows, please contribute.


The Bendigo LAP was updated in April 2017 to increase the allowed height of the 3EL Bendigo service from 40m to 90m, and increase the max ERP from 100W to 250W.

My bet would be that they’ve begun work on implementing these new specs, potentially testing a few different configurations to determine what works the best.

The follow is a submission made by Grant Broadcasters in 2009 seeking the change due to coverage problems within Bendigo.


Heh…we use that in school…:rofl:

Maybe Janet needs to do a deal with Adobe and get a network license. That, and make 2NM and Power FM’s streams sound a lot better…not like they’ve grabbed a radio and fed it into their software using the Line In/Out ports. :rofl:


They’ve got that problem with streams in a lot of places. The biggest problem is that they’re sending them out of the stations at horribly low bit rates so that they won’t drop out over their ADSL connections, which as we know are sub-standard in a lot of regional areas.


Oh, I thought they’d just put a USB microphone on a cue speaker… :wink:


Just blow those 2 up and start again.


No, then we wouldn’t have any radio stations that actually serve the Upper Hunter…or any media. I wouldn’t know how long the Argus/Chronicle/Advocate are going to run in its current form, if any. If SCA or Caralis buy the Grant stations (heaven forbid), I can see 2NM being rebranded into 2HD or KOFM and Power FM becoming New FM or (S)Hit FM. I’m surprised ABC Upper Hunter hasn’t been shifted across from Newcastle to Tamworth, the rural report has in some form. That leaves, and even then it’s focusing on ONE town.

Sorry, if you think we rednecks don’t need anything local and have Newcastle and Sydney stories shoved straight up our collective arse, but we DO need 2NM and Power FM to still be around, given the lack of options out there. Even if they’re not the best run stations out there, I wouldn’t say there are any Australian media organisation being run properly either.

Just fix up the streams, they sound atrocious.

ABC Local Radio

I wouldn’t worry about either of them buying up 2NM/Power FM, as the Muswellbrook commercial radio licence area has a 30%+ overlap with the Newcastle commercial radio licence area, meaning that they can’t buy the stations. So 2NM/Power FM are in safe hands from being bought by either SCA or Caralis. :slight_smile:

It is also for the same reason on why 2NM is not eligible for an AM-FM conversion unlike with most other regional solus markets.


As much as I’d like to believe you, knowing the dipshits we have in power, they’d find a way for that sort of shit to happen. How do you think Foxtel are seemingly going to be allowed to air all 20 and 50 over cricket and not simulcast with Seven?


Don’t worry about the laws. Janet and her clan aren’t going to do anything to diminish their little empire any time soon.


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Erm…I called myself that. :wink:


Any relation to @crankymedia ?


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No relation and a relatively young fart.


Enjoying the 20 years in 20 days on 2ST. Is there a better online stream? I am use to Swr FM so I am a spoilt brat as they sound great. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately all Grants streams are horrible


Yeah funny how a community radio station like SWR FM can “afford” a great a stream yet most commercial stations don’t come close… :slight_smile:.