Goof Tapes

This Youtube channel has a whole heap of Christmas tapes from the 1990s:

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I’ve had a good chuckle at the goof tapes that are on that channel, but I can’t help thinking that the footage of the staff acting up in those tapes and some of the footage shown would these days see said people marched into HR to explain themselves and then possibly be dismissed. Yes a very different era back then.


Didn’t Seven air a “Greatest Bloopers” type show in the late 1990’s? A local version and an American one?

From memory, the Australian version was hosted by Belinda Emmett. Did Andrew Daddo ever host the “Bloopers Show” or just “best Commercials”?

The US version was hosted by Dick Clark.

A clip/song from Ten Capital Canberra’s 1996 Christmas tape. Found it at random a while ago while doing Ten Capital News logo research, thought you guys would like it:

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Actually, I have a real issue with these tapes being placed on YouTube and the like. I know we live in a different age now, but these tapes were made for the entertainment of the staff at a closed event - usually the staff Christmas party, and the people who appear, whether celebrity or other employee did so in the knowledge that it was for station staff only. Home video copies were made by some, but there was always the understanding that they were never to be available to the wider public, especially the media. Unfortunately over the years this protocol has been abandoned. I’m not overly worried about the ones I’m in, but I know some who aren’t too pleased, and there can be professional ramifications and reputation issues for some.


Good point. Whilst the Peter Russell-Clarke blooper reel introduced him to a new generation (who’ve probably already forgotten him) I can see how it would have had an impact on his original Come and Get It audience or those who remembered him from the egg and dairy ads.

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Or his cheese and orange ads…

Cheese was part of the dairy deal. I don’t recall oranges

1969 (wow!) ABN-2 Christmas Tape (Ross Symonds gets beheaded @ 9:30, Chair Breaks During Interview @14:11, Adult Play School @ 17:45)

1976 ABN-2 Xmas Tape (NSFW - full frontal male nudity!):

1977(based on the Molly interview of Prince Charles?) ABN-2 Christmas Tape:

1981 ABN-2 Christmas Tape:

1986 ABN-2 Christmas Tape:

1987 ABN-2 Christmas Tape:

1989(best of the 80s) ABN-2 Christmas Tape (oh dear, Richard Morecroft doing a stereotypical Asian accent gag and in electronic blackface @22:30!)

2005 ABC Rugby Christmas Tape:

Kingswood Country bloopers

Agro Outakes

Some CNN bloopers from the 1990s – most of them with the director’s track, which makes them particularly interesting:

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John Blackman Toyota ad

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I’m sure this was never to see the light of day 25 years on. Some have come and gone, some are still working in TV. One in particular had a dramatic exit as a reoporter at ACA in Sydney a few years ago. Another is the current news director at QTQ. Enough said…


…aaaaand it’s gone :slightly_frowning_face:

Could have done without the blackface and the drag act.

The drag gag and the steady Eddie reference were the best bits!

By far those weren’t the most disturbing/embarrassing elements of that tape. Not at all surprised Nine was quick to have it taken down.

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It’s back up…it was only taken down due to the nudity, apparently -not Nine’s doing…


HSV goof tapes from the early 80s. I remember the 1981 tape was up on Youtube around 2007 or 2008 when Youtube was in its infancy.

It was taken down, but I still remember than Channel 9 parody with the American policemen shooting someone dead to the tune of ‘your friends are on Nine…’ (I found it extremely funny - I was actually on the floor laughing).

Looks like part of it has been uploaded here…

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