Good Game


Oh shit, it’s like the time they axed Hey Hey back in 2010.

Yet the show never had a thread here until it was axed…

So they don’t even name or acknowledge the contributions of the show’s presenters?

On Facebook they said it’s Hex and Nichboy

You would think the so called “official statement” would mention them or at least say thanks for your hard work.

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After it had already been announced to return with a one hour special on 14 February?

Something doesn’t add up :thinking:

The hashtag “putoutyourcontrollers” is currently trending at No.1 on Twitter in Australia as fans mourn the show’s axing by showing all the video game controllers from their collection.

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So, that’s

  • The Screen Savers

  • Possum Club (Not that it was a show about gaming)

And now GG.

Add Save Point (which aired on One).

Wasn’t/isn’t there also a gaming show on community TV? I certainly recall TVS airing one before it closed although the exact name escapes me right now.

In any case, it seems rather peculiar that this announcement has been made without any mentioning or acknowledgement of the show’s presenters, Stephen O’Donnell (Bajo) and Stephanie Bendixsen (Hex).

Man this sucks, I watch this with my kids, though Good Game: Spawn point is remaining but with a different format

There was a comment on Twitter suggesting Hex had signed with a commercial network

The Zone on Nine

Surprised GG lasted this long after they sacked Junglist.

From the little that I saw of the show since the 2009 presenter change (TBH, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the introduction of Spawn Point had something to do with it), I thought Hex was a decent enough presenter but I don’t think the chemistry on Good Game was ever quite the same since Jeremy “Junglist” Ray left. Even for someone not really into gaming, the chemistry of Bajo & Junglist certainly made the show rather interesting viewing from what I saw when the main channel was running late night repeats on Friday nights before Rage around 2008-09 or thereabouts.

I wonder why the ABC couldn’t keep Good Game running except with new hosts, two relatively unknown (prior to getting the job, of course) presenters who are passionate about gaming and have decent media skills would’ve worked just fine.

So in conclusion, even though I haven’t been a regular viewer of the show in recent years it’s still sad to see the demise of a program heavily targeted towards a specific audience. I also dearly hope that this announcement isn’t a sign of further cutbacks to come at ABC2.

It did. Hex was someone who entered the competition to be a host on ABC3 and it was intended that she would do Spawn Point but somewhere in the process they decided to instead dump Junglist and have Hex host the main show as well.

I remember the drama on the (now defunct?) ABC forums over how she apparently didn’t have enough gaming credentials or they dumped Junglist for her so they could appeal to a female audience.

I did unfortunately get caught up in that drama and I Hex still has me blocked on Twitter to this day.

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Good Game to go to Seven / PRIME

Yeah… that would last two episodes before seven cancels it

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You would think such a program would air on 7mate so it probably would run for a full season without being cancelled

Hex posted on Facebook yesterday, saying the show would only have lasted another 6-12 months, and the axing was “a direct reflection of the ABC’s feelings about the Good Game brand and for having gaming content on the ABC”. You can read her lengthy post here

Good Game and Spawn Point co-host Stephen “Bajo” O’Donnell has quit ABC to become a fulltime presenter for the platform from December.

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