Gold WA for the last couple of weeks from at least 3 different transmitters (Kalgoorlie, Leonora, Northam) so presumably statewide. Averaging 0.7 MBit for past 10 minutes.

Not a single fuck given it seems.


Oh man, that picture quality is reminiscent of online streaming from the Early-Mid 2000s…or worse! :open_mouth:


I’ve never seen it that bad from Wollongong.

Wow that’s bad. Looks like there faces have been pixelated to protect their identity.


Are those VAST fed sites?

@Moe All sites are VAST fed. I don’t have a WA VAST subscription at the moment so I don’t know if the problem is from the source or the transcoding process at each site.

Wow, goes without saying but that is atrocious. :open_mouth:

I have previously noticed since the affiliation change that the PQ for Gold had been downgraded considerably. However, I doubt many give fuck at the end of the day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just looking at TVSN, and while the quality is much improved, even that goes to a blocky pixelated mess at times.

Shouldn’t be surprised with all this I guess. Their main channel suffers from poor quality so their multis will be worse off still.

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WIN has struggled recently to maintain their limited satellite bandwidth across all their services. Back when HD and 9Life launched they had to drop Gold to free up space, but it wasn’t long before the other two MPEG-4 services started degrading in quality. The same has happened all over again, with current WIN HD looking pretty bad lately and Gold just being a complete waste of space.

[quote=“WAtvVideos, post:8, topic:2062, full:true”]and Gold just being a complete waste of space.[/quote]In more ways than one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Another amusing thing. I heard a radio spot for WIN News the other day, and they mentioned that you could watch the news either in SD on channel 8 or in “crystal clear HD” on channel 80. Really?? I doubt that. Upconverted at best. :roll_eyes:

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It’s a sad reality with decentralised operations these days. New recruits are hired with no exposure to the technical side of their own operations.

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Christmas ID

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I don’t know why GOLD still airs Postcards fillers. Don’t they belong to Nine?

Is it Postcards South Australia?

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WIN produced Postcards SA and WA when they owned the Nine stations. Half of the shit they’re selling on the show would have changed or become obsolete by now surely.


I recall seeing a infomercial for Crawfords DVDs on this channel when it was new. Anyone else saw it?

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