Gold Coast - Survey 3, 2017

The latest ratings are out:

Hot Tomato maintains its #1 position with a 16.9% share (down 0.2%), followed by Sea FM with 14.4% (up 1%), and Gold FM with 10.3% (down 0.6%), which is probably their lowest overall share in history.

In timeslot breakdowns, Hot Tomato is #1 in breakfast, morning & afternoon, whilst Sea FM is #1 in drive thanks to Hamish & Andy, as well as in evenings. In the demographics, Sea is #1 in the under-40s, whilst Hot Tomato is #1 in the 40-64s.

The ā€œOther Stationsā€ account for 30.1% of listeners surveyed.


After listening to the Gold Coast Greatest Hits log during October, I can why they are on a downward trend.

Workday 9am to 4pm down 2.4%

Quick SCA - send someone from Sydney to the Gold Coast and listen to and feel how Hot Tomato sounds and fits into the surf city.

Then come back to Sydney and use some of the ideas on the 1041 frequency.

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How does this compare to recent surveys? And ā€˜other stationsā€™ within age demos, have they had much change?

Last survey, the ā€œOther Stationsā€ account for 27.7% of listeners & in Survey 1, it accounted for 25.4% of listeners. Therefore, the ā€œOther Stationsā€ has gone up throughout this year.

The most significant change would be in the 55-64s, where this survey, it accounted for 42% of listeners, way up from 35.5% last survey & from 32.7% in Survey 1.
In the 40-54s, the ā€œOther Stationsā€ account for 24.9% of listeners, outrating Hot Tomato, which had a 23.7% share (down 2.8% from last survey). Last survey, the ā€œOther Stationsā€ in that demographic had 20.1%, way lower than Hot Tomato. And in the 65+, a whopping 54.9% listen to ā€œOther Stationsā€, up from 49.9% last survey.

A lot of those older listeners listening to ā€œOther Stationsā€ would most likely be towards 94.1FM, whilst some others are listening to The Breeze from Mt Tamborine on 100.6.


Nearly a third of people arenā€™t listening to the Gold Coast commercial or Brisbane stations. Thatā€™s got to say something, doesnā€™t it?

If 94.1 was listed it would be killing it, especially in the older demographics. This is one market where they should let the community/non-local stations participate - you just donā€™t get the full picture without it

Thereā€™s also 89.3 catering to older demos.

I agree. I would also apply it for Newcastle, where the ā€œOther Stationsā€ figure is also quite high there, mainly thanks to 2NUR (a local community station which has a similar music format to that of 94.1 & 4CRB) being very popular on among the older demographics.

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