Gold Coast - Survey 2, 2023


Hot Tomato is still on top with 15.9% (-0.1), but Triple M is closing in fast with 14%, up 2.3 from the previous survey. Sea FM is at 3rd with 11.1% (+0.1), followed by JJJ with 8.8% (-0.7).

In the demos, Hot Tomato is #1 in the 10-17s & 40-54s, JJJ wins the 18-24s, Sea tops the 25-39s, and Triple M wins the 55+.

In breakfast, Hot Tomato’s Galey & Emily Jade is #1 with 16.6% (-0.1), followed by Triple M’s Flan, Ali & Spida with 13.4% (+0.4), and Sea’s Bianca, Ben & Lakey with 10.4% (-0.8). In drive, Hot Tomato’s Moyra & Big Trev is #1 with 17.6% (-0.3), followed by Carrie & Tommy on Sea with 15.7% (+1.2), and Triple M’s Rush Hour with 13.3% (+2.9).

The “Other Stations” ratings this survey is at 32.1%, up 0.1 from the previous survey.


Rod Maldon working his behind the scenes magic with Triple M, really focusing on the key messaging and getting the song mix right with the content team. Working well so far. Game on.


Do Triple M GC have a different log compared to the other regional Triple M’s?

no, same log

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Best showing on the 92.5 freq since S1/2019

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It’s a bit sad to see Hot Tomato heading in this direction. What are ARN doing? They seem unfocussed and making blunders with a few of their key stations (e.g. KIIS 97.3 too).

They previously stated in one of their many “spin” articles that they consider Hot Tomato a “metro” station, so why aren’t they treating it as such and putting some thought into the music for a start. Hot Tomato was at its best when its playlist was entirely tailored to the market and local competition. It also used to have a bit of an “edge” in the early days. Not any more, it sounds uninspired and just like any other station these days.

Same with River 94.9. A wasted opportunity. Even the Star stations in NQ aren’t what they were.


Interesting that SENQ has comparable ratings in the Gold Coast to Brisbane (0.5 now, 1.0 last time in the gold Coast vs. 0.8 now, 0.4 previously in Brisbane). Other Brisbane stations rate less in the Gold Coast.

One reason would be that there is a SEN station on the Gold Coast that people probably mark down in their diary.

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I’m sure it has probably been mentioned before - but well done to Nova106.9 on their popularity on the GC. Not a bad result.