Gold Coast - Survey 2, 2019

Here are the results:

From Jocks’ Journal:

Gold FM No 1 in Gold Coast Tweed Survey

Despite a slight drop in overall ratings , 92.5 Gold FM has claimed No 1 spot in the latest GfK Gold Coast-Tweed survey. They had a share of 13.9 % (-0.9). Hot Tomato - No 1 in previous survey dropped 2.0% to 13.4%. triple j is now in third position with 10% (+0.4) followed by SEA FM (now hit 90.9 ) with 9.4% (-1.7). It wasn’t a memorable survey for the major three commercial stations as each one dropped in share movement for every session from breakfast to nights. Full details.

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Jocks’ Journal editor, Greg Newman writes:

It wasn’t a memorable survey for the major three commercial stations

Indeed, because GFK have no NFI on how to craft a useful sample panel.

Constantly lumpy results of anomaly after anomaly, year after year on the Gold Coast and other three survey a year mkts.


The “Other Stations”, which includes Community stations, Rebel, Breeze & Radio 97, scored a 27.1% share.

JJJ wins the 18-39 demo, ahead of Sea & Hot Tomato. Gold is ahead of Hot Tomato in the 25-39s.

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Compared to what last survey?

Did you see who won 10 - 17? Very strange. Kids in the car, mums filling survey books out for them via online survey incentive sites? (Yes, GFK does this)

The “Other Stations” were up 0.8% from the previous survey.

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Thanks @TV-Expert, quite stable that number then.

Who won drive from 3 - 6pm?

Who was number one 3 - 7pm?

What are they crowing in station media releases?

Hot Tomato are number one at breakfast and I’d say drive (3 - 7pm) too considering their convincing win between 4 - 7pm

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But not the Brisbane commercial stations?

Gold 92.5 falls backwards and comes out on top. Huh.

Given the other in-market commercials appear to be trending backwards, any plausible reason (statistical anomalies aside) for Hot Tomato’s 2% dip?

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Seems like it’s a close battle for #1 with Hot Tomato #1 at breakfast, drive and in the evening with Gold FM on top in the morning, afternoon and over the weekend.

Not sure about everyone else but I’m personally not expecting the ratings for Sea FM to improve much during the first post-rebrand survey. I’d actually go as far as saying they may decrease further, due to possible confusion with Hit 105 and people not being sure which of the two Hit stations they listened to when filling out their books.

As it’s been said before, the incredibly high “Other Stations” figure on the Gold Coast is probably a sign of major listener disenfranchisement with the local & Brisbane commercial stations?


Yes GC listeners have some great alternatives - Rebel, Breeze, 94.1



That is the largest share I have on record for Triple J (though admittedly my GC data only goes back to 2005)

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Amazing result, though I wonder what diversion from the ‘franchise manual’ Ali and Gemma will or can come up with to turn around Sea, oops. Hit.

JJJ beat SEA overall and surprisingly, all three commercial stations in their key territory of 25 - 39. JJJ also ahead of SEA on the M - F category, breakfast, morning, afternoon and drive. Amazing. Hit needs help.

This photo is amusing:

Windows in a commercial radio studio? Are they sure they don’t want a more stable OS?

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A close look at all the SCA monitors (Hit and Gold) suggests they are all running some form of Windows.

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Maybe instead of just bringing in one new breakfast co-presenter, Sea FM Hit 90.9 should’ve brought in an entirely new brekky team + new Morning & Afternoon presenters for the relaunch?

Although in fairness, all three major Gold Coast commercial stations need to be doing a far better job of serving their audience when more than a quarter of those surveyed would prefer tuning into Other Stations! Similar deal in the Newcastle market where the “Other Stations” figure has also been quite high recently.

I agree.

Aside from Melbourne where Fox is currently the #1 FM station, Hit Network stations seem to be struggling in every market with genuine ratings competition.

Sydney - 8th
Brisbane - 5th
Adelaide - 7th
Perth - 4th (just like the Gold Coast, although it’s probably far worse to be the #4 station in a market of only 600k or so, than it is in one with around 2-2.5 million).

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From what I’ve seen every install of Zetta in Australia has been on a Windows machine, and I think the same goes for the VoxPro recorder too

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