Gold Coast - Survey 2, 2016

The latest GC ratings are out:

Sea FM maintains its position as the #1 station at 12.9%, followed closely by Gold FM at 12.7% & Hot Tomato at 12%.

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Geez that’s tight at the top - but SCA will be happy with the 1-2 finish again. If not for Hamish and Andy, Gold would be #1 I reckon.

Cue my usual note that once again 30% of listeners aren’t shown in the survey results. I get the reasons for the remote licencees not being there, but is there any reason Radio 97 doesn’t appear? It’s licence area covers a good part of the Gold Coast and it even has an FM transmitter at Currumbin. I would be really interested to see how low a BOG station would go in a real competitive market like the Gold Coast :smiley:

Still don’t get why the Remote licenses aren’t there if they have transmitters a) on Mount Tamborine and b) in Beaudesert, especially when the Brisbane stations are in there.

Commercial sensitivities, and not wanting to promote competition that’s not licenced to serve the area (even if it effectively does)

The Murwillumbah station however is licenced to serve at least part of the Gold Coast area, so by all rights should be listed. But maybe it costs money, and they don’t want to fork out to have their meagre numbers included?

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That’s what I was thinking, but then again other BOG/Super Radio Network stations have been in ratings this year - Newcastle, Dubbo and Orange at least.

Maybe it costs more with GfK rather than the Xtra Research surveys? That doesn’t explain Newcastle, although perhaps it makes more financial sense than a duopoly.

There’s also Port Macquarie & Coffs Harbour.

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which should see a NX and KO kick-ass result again - their marketing has been VERY hard to miss, especially the bus wrap-arounds.


I think it’s because SCA have to agree to allow Rebel, Breeze and Radio 97 to be included, even if they were willing to pay, and it appears as though they don’t want to allow this.

Here in Newcastle, 2NUR Comunity radio were willing to pay to be included, but SCA apparently wouldn’t agree to allow them to be listed as a separate station (rather than being listed in ‘other’).

This is the first time in over seven years (S2/08 - S1/09) that Sea has managed to lead back to back surveys.

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OT but valid:

they really should, it would be more embarrassing to 2HD than to KO’s top end. And as community can only sell 5 minutes of advertis cough sponsorship cough it wouldn’t really affect KO/NX revenue, which probably still sits around 75-80% of the market anyway (which it has for years) despite KO dropping around 4 minutes of ads per hour earlier this year and charging more.

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