Gold Coast - Survey 1, 2019

Despite the change of ownership to Grant Broadcasters, Hot Tomato maintains its position as the #1 station with a 15.4%, up 0.1% from the previous survey. Gold FM is at 2nd place with 14.8%, up 0.7% from the previous survey, whilst sister station Sea FM is at 11.1%, up 0.4%.

The “Other Stations” scored a 26.3% share, down 2% from the previous survey.


Sea Fm really struggling on the Gold Coast with Triple J close behind.
Is it the regional one size fits all playlist that is the problem on the Gold Coast??


Good growth for Gold. It shows this gradual move to offer a point of difference on the GC as opposed to the rest of the Triple M Regionals is working.

Take note of this 2GO. And follow it - be different!


they went up in a lot of timeslots so my guess without having the full book just yet is a TSL issue.

They need the younger people staying on them for a bit longer than those fickle little bastards do :wink:

Hot Tomato’s new owners haven’t made any major changes to the station yet, have they? So no wonder they’re still #1.

Re, Sea FM: There’s no doubt in my mind that the station would benefit from changing the music format to something which better fits the market. But now that Sea’s locally generated morning & afternoon shifts are being outrated by national station Triple J, I wonder if they’d also benefit from replacing Bella Frizza & Alo Baker (who’ve both been on Sea FM GC for a while now, if I’m not mistaken) with some fresh talent?

I was on the Southern GC on the weekend, and I have to say the HIT105 Signal certainly travels a lot further and clearer than it used to. SeaFM doesn’t offer enough of a point of difference to make it worthwhile switching, 8 or 9 years ago the playlist was far better suited to the coast.


They’d be made to make changes, they’re #1. The only changes they need to make is to keep working hard to remain #1, that’s the toughest place to be in.


Luke Bradnam drive show #1

In its first survey as a drive show only for the Gold Coast market, Luke Bradnam’s drive show with Margaux Parker is equal #1 with Hot Tomato’s drive show of Mal Lees, Moyra Major and Paul Gale.

This is a fantastic effort.

All Gold need to do now is return to scheduling music purely for the Gold Coast market, invest in regular research and they would be in a much better position, drive would have an audience to build on instead of doing the work on their own.


Moral of the story this survey: Be different… be local… & succeed.

It is the two remaining SeaFM’s which are a bit of a basket case.

SeaFM GC could go ‘More Music. More Variety’, whilst SeaFM Central Coast could go as tight & focussed as hit107 (or even FoxFM) is with their music. Be more focussed and less broad unlike 2DayFM.

Don’t be like the metro’s if your market is close to the metro’s.

In saying this, Hot Tomato is lucky their signal doesn’t crossover with River949.


Looking at their playlist via RadioApp & comparing it with other MMM regional stations, Gold already has its own log purely for that station alone.

In last year’s Central Coast ratings, Sea FM rated only 0.1% behind market-leader Star 104.5, so its Central Coast station is hardly a basketcase. 2GO on the other hand though…

2GO is already on the right track by having a different log to the rest of the regional MMM network, only shared with MMM Hobart. If you meant that they should have a local drive program as opposed to airing Kennedy Molloy that is already heard across much of the region via MMM from both Sydney & Newcastle at the same time, then I agree. :slight_smile:


Gold is up 8.1% with the 25 - 39 year olds and down 3% with their targeting audience (40-64 year olds). I believe that Gold might be canalising their own sister station Sea FM.
Hot Tomato :tomato: is now number one with the 40 to 64 year olds :thinking:


Local News report



Exactly, this is always the best way to program.

At long last, they finally get the message,

And there they don’t get the message. Local MD, every market, research every market.

Correct, skewed the wrong way.

The SCA GC GM has had an interesting past career life that would interest many of our members in the regional TV threads:

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