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Seven News report tonight:

Emily Jade to return from maternity leave early via a studio set up in her home



Thanks @TV.Cynic, HT have been hitting the promo of this hard for a few weeks leading up to tomorrow.

The bfast show has been on holidays the last week or so.

I’m not impressed with any of the three GC commercial bfast shows, they’re either spent, inexperienced/unsuitable for radio or comprise a dysfunctional team.

ABC bfast also not ticking the box, light on content, lightweight what they do or not much,

Scott Mayman on Radio 97 does a good job as a one person show, lots of local info and not much silly stuff. Richard Fowler on 94.1 should emulate this, he’s light on content, far too tight a show, bfast should be about local info with personality if you don’t want to get into comedy.

Whilst Spida Everitt was away filming SBS ‘Go back to where you came from’, Luke Bradnam had a busy week on Gold bfast as well as his FM 104 MMM/Gold drive show and was on fire for bfast.

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What a shame for AJ, SCA made no room for him on the day shifts where he had been their morning announcer.

AJ was the first announcer on Double SA FM in 1980 right?

Moving AJ to bfast was a bungle in the first place.

Gold did not have a succession plan nor budget to plan for breakfast beyond Richard Fowler, this was the beginning of their current downhill run.

SCA only have themselves to blame.

As with Newcastle where we all expect better but receive much less, you’d think the market that SCA regional GPD, Mickey Maher grew up in would receive better treatment, but of course not.



Friday afternoon, storms passed through SE Qld.

The Gold Coast’s TV and FM site at Mt Tamborine is quite likely running on backup power since late afternoon:

Perhaps a few deliveries of diesel up Henri Roberts Drive today if the lines aren’t restored soon?

ABC FM services (Classic, RN, Local, News, JJJ) are at North Road, Lower Beechmont and that area is also in the same boat:

Last year on Christmas Day at a similar time, a bad storm knocked out mains power to the Tamborine sites.

Merry Christmas to the various techs earning their on call money this weekend.

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I am told Radio 97 has 3 transmitters… 1xAM and 2xFM (a “northern” translator for the GC and a “southern” translator for Byron to Tweed)

My suggestion would be a create 3 different radio stations; one for the GC on FM, one for Byron/Tweed on FM and reintroduce 2MW to create a local Murwillumbah station on AM.

The FMs would obviously heavy on music while the AM would be more community oriented.

Why wouldn’t it work?



Local news opened with the storms. I did notice a brief break in signal but not sure if it was due to reception or transmission.

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Could be signal but matches the time the storm went over.

Perhaps the back up cut over then?



Gold FM will have a new local drive program, to be called “The Rush Hour”, presented by Luke Bradnam & Margaux Parker. It will air at 3-6pm weekdays from Wednesday 23rd January.

Source: Radioinfo



So the existing show remains. Will be interesting to see if a Grants-owned Hot Tomato hold onto local drive

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Good because it’s a good show, Shane Brisbane don’t take it but hey it still remains.

It’ll miss Dobbo though, he’s tied up with rural Queensland today, nine news and what not.

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Yes, nice of SCA to ‘find’ budget for the show after initially telling the whole team last year that their contracts wouldn’t be renewed.

4MMM’s best performing hour for most of the year was 3 - 4pm with this show. Rex simply wouldn’t admit it.

Correct, Dobbo was a good contributor.

Dobbo will do sport input for 4MMM b’fast outside the news bulletins.

I continue to maintain that Luke and Dobbo on 4BC would be the foundation talent the station needs. Build the bfast show around them, I know SCA would be glad to save the money.

Margaux will be on Sat on 4MMM

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Meanwhile, over on 94.1FM, current presenter for Saturday Breakfast & Sunday morning’s specialised shows, Mark Irvine, will be doing weekday drive on the station. He will replace Gary Boughen, who’s moving into Special Show Production.

Source: Radioinfo

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Good to see Mark’s still around. I remember listening to “Shirl and Irvine” on 3XY 6 to 8pm back in the 1980s

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I remember Mark Irvine originally doing 12:00 to 15:00 inc electric lunch on Triple M before moving to Drive. Back in the day when stations had announcers

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Brendon ‘Whippy’ Dangar has been appointed as Content Director of Hot Tomato. His new role will commence from mid-April.

Source: Radioinfo

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Thank God! Only taken him what, 16 years?

Whippy in the building, Ronnie as Qld PD and other high calibre programmers such as @Deano Kesby within the network, the station will be in experienced hands.



whats it matter anyway there still gonna play the same shit



Report from Bruce Paige on 9 GC News tonight on Gold Coast community radio stations and DJs. Includes interviews with many and mention that today is 4CRB’s 35th birthday.