Gold Coast Medical

###Gold Coast Medical

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GOLD COAST MEDICAL is an unprecedented new series that takes a deep dive into their high-­‐stakes world – following the heroic work of the varied real-life medical personnel who make up the Gold Coast’s largest hospital (the newly renovated $1.7 billion Gold Coast University Hospital) and vital ambulance services – like we’ve never seen them before.

From the paramedics and trauma teams (featuring access to the dramatic triple zero emergency calls), to the cardiologists, obstetricians, neurosurgeons, transplant surgeons, plastic surgeons, gynaecologists, paediatric nurses, and oncologists – this compelling new observational documentary series has gained widespread access across several departments -­ following ALL kinds of medical stories through the eyes of unforgettable patients.

They rushed to air after they sold it to teh UK and there’s was a chance it would screen there before here.

Starts Tuesday 25 October at 7.30pm (with episode 1!)

New start date is Tuesday 1 November at 8.40pm

Hmm. Or is it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great new show :+1: