George Pell Saga - Coverage Discussion

So very strange.

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Not being carried by CNN, CNN International, Fox News USA, Sky News UK although I’m sure the sentence will be big news when it is announced. I’m surprised the Australian networks are sticking with it. I’ve had to stop watching. Too graphic and upsetting for me to stomach.

Abrupt end to coverage for all networks



if he ends up going to jail in ararat he will need all the protection he can get


Great coverage by all networks. Networks have become good here in recent years with breaking news special coverage.


Seven have formalised their coverage and started a Morning News bulletin with Ann Sanders.

Now for the inevitable replays …


What? You watched all of them? Simultaneoisly?

I didn’t watch any actually. I was referring to all the caps and extra info posted here on MS.

As in it’s great to see.

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Should’ve just had an extended news break instead of rolling coverage

The very few viewers that they had to begin with.

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Hey guys, can I get some help please… did the networks carry the Pell verdict live everywhere? From what I think I’ve seen Seven were live, even into Perth whereas Nine were on delay? I know all networks were live into QLD.

Also, I didn’t see the ABC’s coverage, was it any good?

ABC coverage was comprehensive though with perhaps less high profile journalists.

From Brisbane, it appeared as a simulcast on ABC1 and ABC24 up until 11 am AEDT then continued on ABC24 until midday AEDT when the usual midday news bulletin ran. Early coverage included studio anchor, 2 reporters and a studio expert (something not seen on commercials). While there was reaction from the crowd outside, ABC reporters weren’t seen interviewing anyone until late in the coverage, though because there was piggy backing on interviews conducted by others nothing was missed. The midday news coverage went for 18 minutes.




My take on the commercial TV Networks coverage of the Pell sentencing.


It was certainly difficult to stomach some of the graphic details this morning.


Screen capture by TV Blackbox at TV Blackbox.

The transcript states: “In addition to not having any prior convictions”. But the closed caption writers at Seven and Ten both got it wrong.

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No matter how graphic the details, I don’t support the notion of news bulletins censoring details (or images for that matter of fact).
This actually happened.

Personally, I don’t think Extra should have stopped their coverage because of the circumstances disclosed.