George Pell Convicted - Coverage Discussion


The sentencing of George Pell will be broadcast live on Wednesday morning.


Attention if you’re at home Wednesday.



You know everyone has a streaming device in their pocket these days?


Has anyone’s EPG been updated to reflect on the Cardinal Pell’s sentencing.


Why would there be a need for an EPG update when such breaking news stories are covered by the various morning shows?


Not necessarily, sometimes the various morning shows hand over to the news team who take over the coverage in a “special presentation”. Whether this will occur we will wait and see.


Pretty ordinary graphic used during 10 news tonight to promote the coverage of George Pell’s sentencing tomorrow



Anyone going to be recording the raw transport stream for the vaults?

I’ll be recording ABC from Sydney.


And no indication if Studio10 will be live into QLD, SA, WA.


Looks like it will be on delay in Perth like everything


Ordinary? There are three 10 logos there. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sentencing live across the country on 7 tomorrow.


Sky News on win also doing coverage and is advertised on the local news facebook pages



Outside the county court is packed. Not even sure what time the sentencing starts


Suppose to start at 10am