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THe day before the Dots were reinstated. Nine Adelaide and Perth didn’t have the dots back until 2010.


Nice find! Do you have promos there as well?

How long was Carolyne Randoe used for as a fill in for news? Was it only a brief stint in January 2008 or was she used on other occasions?

And what an appalling package that was! I liked the ‘cowbell’ theme though.

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I’m pretty sure she just filled in on weekends from December 2007 to late Jan 2008 while Jo Hall presented weeknight bulletins (and Peter Hitchener in the later half of Jan while Jo went on break for two weeks).

Just some incomplete ones in the video unfortunately :frowning:


Did Tony Jones fill in as newsreader at all during that era? Or was it just Brett McLeod?

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Don’t think so (from the videos I have). I think he was in the early 2000s and after 2009 (from memory).

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Seven News Updates (+ GWN News Weather Update) from 8/2/2002:


Corey Worthington causing a havoc making headlines across Australia

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It was 50 years ago today that a boxing title fight between Lionel Rose and Alan Rudkin clocks up a record-breaking rating of 67 (per cent of households) for ATV0. It was a record not broken until the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

ATV0 owner Reg Ansett orchestrated the title fight as an effort to get people to convert their sets and antennas to receive Channel 0. While it was successful on the night it was still a few more years before the channel recorded any overall ratings growth.


Really miss those days when ABC Asia Pacific was carried for the first time in Vietnam, #myfriends .

The Australian goverment at that time had a very good relationship with Vietnamese TV, so they finally signed with VTV/HTV to distribute much Australian TV stuff in my country. Before then, VTV was seeking at distribute more international stuff, so they “illegally” adjust satellites to receive ATVi (which would be called “ABC Asia Pacific”). Viewers suddenly loved them, and wanted to watch more stuff like that, so ABC finally signed distribution deal with VTV via ATVi. However, it took until 2004/05 to let the ABC Asia Pacific became fully distributed in Vietnam, and most cable listings just called the channel “ABC”, even using ABC logo!

The Ministry of Information and Communication however, stopped renew distribution license of the channel in 2013, but some cable systems continue to carry it until an anouncement from ABC to cease Australia Network resulted the drop, but after those cable systems realized that ABC still have international channel under A+ brand, they renegotiate it and then successful. They still carry ABC Australia to this day.

Those days when VTV got rights to transmit it “freely”, but the “rights” is actually via Australia Network! O_o

During 2008 - 10, VTV6 did buy a lot of Australian TV stuff via Australia Network, which resulted some satellite TV provider listed the channel as “VTV6 - ABC”

I know a couple of months ago we were talking about the “EPG” Channels that existed in the early 2000s. Here is a screenshot of 7’s EPG from around October 2004.


That cap would’ve been from one of the additional channels running during the Athens Olympics, so August 2004.

It’s to my understanding that the commercial networks experimented a bit with multiview/datacast services for sports telecasts during the Early-Mid 2000s, but it faded away after around 2005-ish.

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Oh wow! Didn’t realise they did that!

What astounds me is that the bitrate used for that channel in 2004 serves much higher picture quality than the main channels in 2019…

Mostly possible because they shut down the ‘HD’ channel for it.

Here’s a screenshot from what I think was one of the last ones of those - the SBS World Cup channel which replaced the ‘SBS Essential’ VPG.


Did Nine have the same platform as the one back at the 2006 Commonwealth games? I didn’t watch this coverage on digital set top box as I was still in school back on the day.

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Another rare logo from CBN-8 Central NSW, 1963-65.



WARNING: Streisland Alert is now in effect.

A sign-off from SAS-7 in its days as SAS-10 back in 1985.


Those promo end caps (shown there with Deal or No Deal) always looked great. Shame Prime never used them.

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This is the “TEN Guide” - it was on LCN 11 and 100. 10 HD was on LCN 12.


Just a quick question, how long did Channel Seven use that ‘grunge/red ribbon’ package around for (as shown with the Deal Or No Deal promo in the multiview cap)? I thought it was quite a good package from the little i’ve seen of it, certainly better than the package beforehand.

Did it last until 2005? It was the last before ‘GottaLoveIt’ I believe.