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Today Extra started at 10.10am

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But under the Today Branding


Branding later switched to Extra.

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Israeli missiles striking sites in Iran.

Sky News is taking Fox News coverage live. The coverage isn’t too bad. Reporter in Israel getting alerts live on his phone about drones/aircraft heading towards Israel.

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A big day today and tomorrow, with the spotlight on DV, namely violence against women, which has been reprehensible so far in 2024 and infamously in major news events recently. Including tomorrow’s front page editorial in the SMH, TV programs like news bulletins, Project and Sky dedicating time and a multitude of protests planned across the weekend. With Rosie Batty (AO) and former Australian of the Year at the forefront of this, also speaking today and recently in Canberra, she’s calling on the NSW Govt for a royal commission. In NSW alone, every 4min a woman is being killed at the hands of an abusive acquaintance.

This year also marks a decade since Rosie’s nearly 12 year old son Luke was murdered by his father at cricket practice, he was then shot dead by Police, shocking the nation.

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I’ve mentioned this type of reporting before (though not to very much interest), but was wondering what the narrative is here in this headline.

Aussie dad arrested in Bali on drugs charges

At what point does someone become and “Aussie” and “dad” rather than “Australian man” as in this reporting.


The click headline serves a different audience.


UK election being announced in about 10 mins.


Today had the verdict via CNN with a counter of each verdict

Seven’s cross


Getting a signal out was a bit of a challenge at times with mobile broadcasting.


Seven covered Trump’s motorcade


Extraordinary moment


Continuing coverage on ABC


Be interesting to see how big the bulletins go tonight!

Is Trump that interesting to Australia?

Apparently. lol.

ABC’s 7pm bulletin tonight dedicated the first 11 minutes to the coverage of Trump found guilty, including brief discussion between reporters Jade Macmillan in New York City and Barbara Miller in the Washington bureau.

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I was just watching in Melbourne between both 6 o’clock bulletins.

9 had two reports and 1 live cross.

7 had three reports and 2 live crosses.

Seven Adelaide had two reports, and two live crosses, covering the first eight minutes. That and the coverage of the Matilda’s friendly pushed some stories usually seen in the first block into the second.

Seven Adelaide’s Morning News also had a live cross to David Woiwod in New York (never seem to cross to reporters outside of Adelaide during the morning news, and even crosses to local reporters are rare). There was an awkward pause between the end of a clip and going back to the cross, with both Elspeth Hussy and David just staring at the camera.


Seven had an extra report compared to Nine including a virtual Oval Office.



Project and ABC


This morning

“Donald Trump - Convicted Criminal”


I’ve brought this up over in the ABC News thread. But bringing it up hear hopefully for a broader conversation.

I’m stunned, shocked and dismayed ABC News isn’t providing live coverage of D Day anniversary right now.

It’s live on Sky UK, CNN, Fox News, BBC News and MSNBC.

Why is our national broadcaster not covering a significant world event like this live with their own reporters and analysis?

And to be honest why isn’t SBS doing it live along with the commercials. Have we missed the boat here?